2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 23

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Dem Crown Joash As King of Judah

  1. For di seventh year, Jehoiada make strong move. He make agreement wit di commanders of hundred sojas: Azariah wey be di son of Jehoram, Ishmael wey be di son of Jehochanan, Azariah wey be di son of Obed, Maaseiah wey be di son of Adaiah, and Elishaphat wey be di son of Zikri.
  2. Naso dem travel for di whole of Judah, and dem gada di Levites from all di cities of Judah, and even di leaders of di families of di pipo of Israel, and dem come Jerusalem.
  3. So di whole pipo wey gada con make agreement wit di king for inside Baba-God house. Jehoiada con tell dem sey, “Di king son (Joash) go rule, just as Baba-God bin promise David pikin-pikin-pikin.
  4. Dis na wetin una must do: One third of una di priests plus Levites wey dey on duty for di Sabbath go guard di doors.
  5. Anoda one third of una go position for di king palace, and anoda one  third of una go dey for di Foundation Gate. All di odas go stand for di yard for Baba-God house.
  6. But no pesin must enta inside Baba-God house, except di priests plus Levites wey dey on duty. Make dem enta becos dem clean. But make all  di pipo obey Baba-God law, con stay outside.
  7. Di Levites must surround di king. Everi single one of una must carry hin  weapon for hand. Kill any pesin wey try to enta Baba-God house. And una must escort di king any where he dey go.”
  8. Naso di Levites plus all di men of Judah do wetin Jehoiada di priest tell  dem. All of dem carry dia men follow-body, those wey dey on duty for Sabbath, wit those wey no dey on duty for Sabbath—Jehoiada no discharge di groups of di priest.
  9. Evensef, Jehoiada di priest give di commanders of di hundred sojas di long-sharp-weapon and shields wey belong to King David—and wey dem  dey keep for inside Baba-God house.
  10. He set di men for dia posts, everi single one of dem carry dia weapon for hand. Dem line up from di right side of Baba-God house, to di left side, and dem stand near di altar and Baba-God house, and dem surround di king.
  11. Jehoiada and hin sons lead di king son, con put crown for hin head, dem give am one book wey dem copy Baba-God law put, and dem make am king. Naso Jehoiada and hin sons pour ororo for hin head to anoint am. And dem shout, “Make di king live long!”

As Athaliah Take Kpeme

12. Wen Athaliah hear di noise of di pipo wey dey run upandan, as dem dey  shout and praise di king, naso she come meet di pipo wey gada for Baba-God house.

13. So she see di king dey  stand near hin pillar for di doormot. Di officers plus  di pipo wey dey blow di trumpets stand near di king, all di pipo of di land dey celebrate, dem dey blow trumpets, and di musicians wit different-different music instruments, plus those wey dey lead di songs of praise. Naso Athaliah tear her clothes con dey shout, “Una betray me! Una plan against me!”

14. Jehoiada di priest con send di commanders of hundred sojas, wey dey in charge of di sojas, con tell dem sey, “Bring her come outside Baba-God house to di guards. Use sword take kill any pesin wey follow her”—becos di priest bin tok sey, “Make dem no kill her for inside Baba-God house.”

15. Naso dem gbab her, and wen she reach di doormot of di horse gate of di kings house (palace), dem kill her for there.

16. So Jehoiada con write agreement sey him, all di pipo, plus di king—must  follow Baba-God.

17. All di pipo con go scata di shrine of Baal. Dem break di altars plus idols to pieces. And dem kill Mattan wey be di priest of Baal—for front of di altars.

18. Jehoiada con put di service and work for Baba-God house—for di hands of  di priests, di Levites wey David bin select to work for Baba-God house. Na dem dey in charge to give burnt offerings to Baba-God wit happiness plus music, based-on di law of Moses, as David bin set am.

19. He post guards for di gates of Baba-God house, so dat any pesin wey no clean in any way—no go fit enta inside.

20. He call di commanders of hundreds sojas, di top men, di rulers of di pipo, plus all di pipo of di land, and dem escort di king from Baba-God house. Dem enta di king palace  tru di High Gate, and dem make di king sidon for di king-chair of di kingdom.

21. Naso all di pipo of di land con dey jollificate, becos di city don rest now wey dem don kill Athaliah wit sword.


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