2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 22

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Ahaziah As King of Judah

  1. Di pipo of Jerusalem con make hin smallest son Ahaziah—climb di king-chair to take Jehoram place as king, becos di pipo wey attack di city wit di Arabs bin kill all di senior sons. So Ahaziah, son of Jehoram—con be king.
  2. Ahaziah na twenty-two years old wen he climb di king-chair, and he be king for one year for Jerusalem. Hin mama na Athaliah, wey be di grand-daughter of Omri.
  3. He follow di ways of Ahab house, becos hin mama give am evil advice.
  4. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes becos afta hin papa die, oda members of Ahab family con turn to hin advisers, and dem make am waka miss-road sote he fall.
  5. He follow dia advice, con join Ahab son, king Joram of Israel—to fight against King Hazael of Syria for Ramoth Gilead—and di Syrians win Joram.
  6. Joram go back to Jezreel to heal from di wounds wey di Syrians injure am for Ramah, wen he go fight against King Hazael of Syria. Ahaziah, di son of King Jehoram of Judah, come visit Joram wey be di son of Ahab, for Jezreel, becos dem wound am.
  7. Baba-God fall Ahaziah hand—wen he go visit Joram. Wen Ahaziah reach there, he komot wit Joram go meet Jehu wey be di son of Nimshi, wey Baba-God don choose to use take wipe out Ahab family.
  8. As Jehu dey punish Ahab family, he notice di princes of Judah, and di sons of Ahaziah brodas wey dey serve Ahaziah, and he kill dem.
  9. He fyne Ahaziah, and dem catch am as he dey hide for Samaria. Dem bring am come meet Jehu, and dem kill am. Naso dem bury am, becos dem reason sey, “Na di son of Jehoshaphat, wey follow Baba-God wit hin whole heart.” No pesin con dey for Ahaziah family wey strong reach to take hin position to rule.

Athaliah plus Joash

10. Wen Athaliah wey be di mama of Ahaziah see sey her son don die, she stand up, con kill di whole king blood [royal family]—for Judah.

11. So Jehoshabeath, wey be di daughter of King Jehoram, carry Ahaziah son, Joash, con escape from di rest of di king family-pipo wey dem wan kill. She hide him and di pesin wey dey take care of am, for inside one bedroom. So Jehoshabeath wey be di daughter of King Jehoram, wey  be di wife of Jehoiada di priest and sista of Ahaziah, hide am from Athaliah, so dat Athaliah no go kill Joash.

12. He stay for where he dey hide for inside Baba-God house, for six years,  as Athaliah dey rule di land.


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