1st Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 24

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           Di Arrangement of Di Priests

  1. Na dis be di groups of di sons of Aaron: Di sons of Aaron na; Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar plus Ithamar.
  2. But Nadab and Abihu die before dia papa, and dem no get sons; so Eleazar plus Ithamar serve as di priests.
  3. David, plus Eleazar wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Zadok, and Ithamar sons—Abimelech, divide dem based-on di office for dia service.
  4. Dem divide Eleazar sons to sixteen groups, and Ithamar to eight groups, becos di family leaders among Eleazar sons plenty pass Ithamar own.
  5. So dem give dem dia work based-on lot wey dem cast, so dat partiality no go dey, becos officers of di holy-place and officers [high priests] of Baba-God house dey for both di sons of Eleazar and di sons of Ithamar.
  6. And Shemaiah di writer wey be di son of Nethaneel, wey be one of di Levites write dem for front of di king, di princes, Zadok wey be di priest, Ahimelech wey be di son of Abiathar, and for front of di chief of di fadas of di priests and Levites. Dem pick one family from Eleazar and one for Ithamar.
  7. Di first lot go meet Jehoiarib, di second go meet Jedaiah,
  8. Dithird to Harim, the fourth to Seorim.
  9. Di fifth to Malkijah, di sixth to Mijamin.
  10. Diseventh to Hakkoz, di eighth to Abijah.
  11. Di ninth to Jeshua, di tenth to Shecaniah.
  12. Dieleventh to Eliashib, di twelfth to Jakim.
  13. Dithirteenth to Huppah, di fourteenth to Jeshebeab.
  14. Di fifteenth to Bilgah, di sixteenth to Immer.
  15. Diseventeenth to Hezir, di eighteenth to Happizzez.
  16. Di nineteenth to Pethahiah, di twentieth to Jehezkel.
  17. Di twenty-first to Jakin, di twenty-second to Gamul,
  18. Di twenty-third to Delaiah, the twenty-fourth to Maaziah.
  19. Naso dem take organize dem for service wen dem enta Baba-God house, based-on di order of Aaron dia ancestor, just as Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel tell am.

Di Rest of Di Levites

20. Na dis be di rest of di family leaders wey be from Levi: From di sons of Amram, di leader na Shubael.  From the sons of Shubael, di leader na Jehdeiah.

21. From di sons of Rehabiah, di leader na di firstborn Isshiah

22. Shelomoth na di leader among di sons of Izhar, Jahath na di leader among di sons of Shelomith.

23. Di sons of Hebron: Di first na di leader Jeriah, Amariah na di second, Jahaziel na di third, and Jekameam na di fourth.

24. From di sons of Uzziel, di leader na Micah. From di son of Micah, di leader na Shamir,

25. along wit Isshiah wey be Micah broda. From di sons of Isshiah, di leader na Zechariah.

26. From di sons of Merari, di leaders na Mahli plus Mushi. From di sons of Jaaziah, di leader na Beno.

27. Di sons of Merari, from Jaaziah: Beno,Shoham, Zaccur, plus Ibri.

28. From di sons of Mahli, di leader na Eleazar—and he no get sons.

29. From di sons of Kish, di leader na Jerahmeel.

30. From di sons of Mushi, di leaders na Mahli, Eder, plus Jerimoth. Na all dis ones be di sons of di Levites based-on dia families.

31. Just like dia family-pipo wey be di sons of Aaron, no be based-on dia age or rank dem share dia work for dem, but by casting lots*, for front of King David, Zadok, Ahimelech, di leaders of families, di priests, plus di Levites.


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