2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 25

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        Amaziah As King of Judah

  1. Amaziah na twenty-five years old wen he climb di king-chair, and he be king for twenty-nine years for Jerusalem. Hin mama na Jehoaddan, wey be from Jerusalem.
  2. He do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes, but no be wit hin full-mind.
  3. E con happun sey, wen di kingdom don stand gidigbam for hin hand, he kill di servants wey kill hin papa.
  4. But, he no kill dia sons. He obey Baba-God word, wey dem write for di book of Moses, “Dem must no kill papa for wetin dia pikin do, and dem must no kill pikin becos of wetin dia papa do. Everi man must die for dia own sins.”

Amaziah War Against Edom

5. Amaziah gada all di men of Judah and he make commanders of thousand men and commanders of hundred men—based-on dia papa house, tru out Benjamin plus Judah. He count those wey be from twenty years old go up, and he see 300,000 strong men wey fit fight war, and wey fit use shield plus long-sharp-weapon.

6. He employ 100,000 strong fighters for Israel, con pay 3.4 tons of silver.

7. But one man of God visit am, con tell am sey: “Oh king, no let di army of Israel follow you go, becos Baba-God no dey wit Israel or di pipo of Ephraim.

8. Even if you go, con fight well-well for di war, Baba-God go make you fall for front of your enemies. Baba-God get di pawa to epp you, or fall your hand.”

9. Naso Amaziah ask di prophet sey, “But wetin I go con do about di 3.4 tons of silver wey I don pay di armies of Israel?” So di man of God ansa am, “Baba-God fit give you wetin pass dat one.”

10. So Amaziah discharge all di sojas wey bin come meet am from Ephraim, con tell dem sey make dem dey go dia house. Naso dem vex  well-well for Judah, con go back to dia house wit serious vex.

11. Amaziah gada hin pawa, con led hin army go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey Salt, where he kill 10,000 men of Seir.

12. Di men of Judah catch 10,000 men alive. Dem carry dem go on top of rock, con dey throway dem down from di rock so dat dem go scata to pieces.

13. Now di sojas wey Amaziah bin discharge—wey he no allow go fight, con attack di cities of Judah, from Samaria reach Bethhoron. Dem kill 3,000 pipo, con carry plenty properties wey dem obtain.

14. Wen Amaziah go back afta he win di pipo of Seir, he bring back di gods of di pipo of Seir, con turn am to hin own gods. He bow down to dem and he give sacrifices to dem.

15. Naso Baba-God vex for Amaziah, he con send one prophet go meet am, wey tell am sey, “Why you con dey follow dia gods wey no fit save dia own pipo from your pawa?

16. E con happun sey, as he dey tok, Amaziah con tell am sey, “Abi we don choose you to be di king adviser? Stop to dey prophesy or else I go kill you!” So di prophet stop, but he con still tok sey, “I know sey Baba-God don zero hin mind to scata you, becos you don do dis kain tin, and you no gree hear my advice.”

Israel Win Judah

17. Afta King Amaziah of Judah reason wit hin advisers, he send dis message go meet di king of Israel, Joash wey be di son of Jehoahaz, di grand-pikin of Jehu, “Come, face me for war.”

18. Naso King Joash of Israel send dis message back to King Amaziah of Judah, “One shuuku-shuuku for Lebanon send dis message go meet one cedar for Lebanon, ‘Give your daughter to my son as wife.’ Den one wild animal of Lebanon come, con march di shuuku-shuuku for  ground.

19. You win Edom and your head don dey swell up. Make-mouth becos you don win, but stay for your palace. Why you wan carry wahala put for your head by yoursef? Why you wan fall your hand, plus Judah along  wit you?”

20. But Amaziah no gree hear di warning, becos Baba-God wan put dem for di hand of Joash—becos dem don follow di gods of Edom.

21. Naso King Joash of Israel attack. Him and king Amaziah of Judah face demsef for war for Beth-shemesh of Judah.

22. So Israel win Judah, and all di men run back to dia house.

23. King Joash of Israel catch King Amaziah of Judah, wey be di son of  Joash, di son of Jehoahaz—for Beth-Shemesh, con carry am go Jerusalem. He scata di wall of Jerusalem from di Gate of Ephraim go reach di Corner Gate—di place wey he break long reach six hundred  feet.

24. He carry all di gold plus silver, all di properties wey he see for inside Baba-God house wey Obed-Edom bin dey in charge of, di beta-beta-tins for inside di king palace, and he carry some pipo as prisoners. He con go back to Samaria.

As Amaziah Take Kpeme

25. King Amaziah wey be di son of Joash of Judah, live for fifteen years afta  King Joash son of Jehoahaz of Israel—kpeme.

26. Di rest of di tins wey happun as Amaziah be king, from starting to di ending,  dem write dem for di Books of di Kings of Judah plus Israel.

27. From di time wey Amaziah turn komot from following Baba-God, bad-men plan against am for Jerusalem, so he run go Lachish. But dem send pipo to kill am, and dem kill am for there.

28. Dem carry hin body come back wit horses, and dem bury am for Jerusalem  wit hin ancestors for di city of Judah.


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