2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 26

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Uzziah Na King for Judah

  1. All di pipo of Judah carry Uzziah, wey be sixteen years old, and dem make am king to take hin papa Amaziah—position.
  2. Uzziah build Elat and he take am back for Judah afta King Amaziah rest wit hin ancestors.
  3. Uzziah na sixteen years old wen he climb di king-chair, and he be king for fifty-two years for Jerusalem. Hin mama name na Jecholiah, wey be from Jerusalem.
  4. He do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes, just as hin papa Amaziah bin do.
  5. He follow Baba-God wen Zechariah dey alive. Zechariah wey get understanding tru di visions of Baba-God. As long as he follow Baba-God, Baba-God con dey make everitin beta for am.
  6. Uzziah attack di Philistines, and he scata di walls of Gath, Jabneh, plus Ashdod. He build cities for di territory of Ashdod and tru-out Philistine territory.
  7. Baba-God epp am for hin fight against di Philistines, and di Arabs wey dey stay for Gur-baal, plus di Meunites.
  8. Di pipo of Ammon bring gifts for Uzziah, and hin name spread go reach even  di border of Egypt, becos he con dey get more-more pawa.
  9. Uzziah build di tall-houses for Jerusalem for di Corner Gate, di gate for bottom-of-di-mountain, and for di angle of di wall, and he make dem strong.
  10. He build tall-houses for di desert, con dig plenty wells, becos he get plenty malu for di lowlands and for di smooth-land. He get farmers for di fields and  pipo wey dey work for hin grape-farms for di hills, and for Carmel, becos he love farming.
  11. Evensef, Uzziah get army wey sabi fight and wey dem train well-well for war. Dem share dem for groups, na Jeiel gada and organize dem, wit di writer, and Maaseiah. Dem dey work under Hananiah, wey be one of di  king official.
  12. All di numbas of family leaders wey be leaders for di army na 2,600.
  13. Dem dey command army of 307,500 sojas wey sabi fight wit ogbonge pawa, and wey ready to defend di king against hin enemies.
  14. Uzziah supply shields, long-sharp-weapons, helmets, fighting-cloth, bows for shooting arrows, and catapult to shoot stones—for di whole army.
  15. He design war machines for Jerusalem, wey some wise men make—wey  fit shoot arrows and big-big stones from di tall-houses and from di corners of di walls. Hin name con dey spread go far-far, becos Baba-God support am well-well, so he con get more-more pawa.

Uzziah Pay Becos He Day Feel-big

16. But once he con get pawa, he fall becos he con dey feel-big. He no gree obey Baba-God wey be hin Oga. He enta inside Baba-God house to burn incense for di incense altar.

17. Azariah di priest plus eighty oda Baba-God priests wey get-mind, con follow am enta.

18. Dem face King Uzziah, con tell am sey, “Uzziah, e no dey right for you to burn incense to Baba-God. Na di work of di priests be dat, di pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron, wey dey holy to burn incense. Komot from di holy-place, becos you don disobey, and Baba-God no go honor    you!”

19. So Uzziah, wey carry incense-container for hin hand, con dey vex. As he dey use vex follow di priests tok, leprosy just show-face for hin forehead, for there, for front of di priests, for inside Baba-God house, near  di incense altar.

20. Wen Azariah di high priest, plus di oda priests look am, dem con see sey  leprosy dey for hin forehead. Naso dem carry am sharp-sharp komot from  there; even di king hinsef wan komot sharp-sharp, becos Baba-God don  nack am.

21. King Uzziah get leprosy until di day wey he die. He live for separate house, di leprosy wey he get make dem stop am make he no dey enta Baba-God house. Hin son Jotham nahin con dey in charge of di palace, and he rule di pipo of di land.

22. As for di rest of di tins wey happun wen Uzziah be king, from starting to  ending— prophet Isaiah wey be di son of Amoz write dem.

23. Uzziah kpeme and dem bury am wit hin ancestors for one burial ground wey belong to di kings; becos


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