2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 29

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      Hezekiah As King of Judah

  1. Hezekiah na twenty-five years old wen he climb di king-chair, and he be king for twenty-nine years for Jerusalem. Hin mama name na Abijah, wey be di daughter of Zechariah.
  2. He do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes, just like hin papa-papa-papa David—bin do.

Hezekiah Clean Baba-God house

3. For di first month of di first year as king, he open di doors of Baba-God house, con repair dem.

4. He bring di priests plus Levites, and he gada dem for di east street.

5. He con tell dem sey: “Make una listen to me, una wey be Levites! Now  make una clean unasef, so dat una go fit clean di worship-place of Baba-God di Oga of una ancestors! And make una komot everitin wey no clean  from inside di holy-place!

6. Becos awa papa turn komot from Baba-God; dem do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, and dem fashi Am! Dem throway-face komot from Baba-God holy-place, and dem turn dia backs.

7. Dem close di doors of di room wey dem take dey enta Baba-God house, con off di lamps; dem no gree burn incense or sacrifice burnt offering for di holy-place of Baba-God of Israel.

8. Baba-God con dey vex for Judah plus Jerusalem, sote he carry dem put for inside wahala, dem con be like wor-wor tin wey dey make pipo shock, sometin wey pipo dey laff and hiss for—as una dey see wit una korokoro eyes.

9. Becos of dis, sword don kill awa papa; and dem catch awa sons komot,  even awa daughters, plus wives.

10. Now I wan make agreement wit Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel, so  dat he fit stop to dey vex for us seriously.

11. My sons, make una no fashi una work, becos Baba-God don choose una to serve for hin front, to give sacrifices and to burn incense.”

12. Na all dis be di Levites wey prepare to do wetin di king tok: From di Kohath family: Mahath wey be di son of Amasai, and Joel wey be di son  of Azariah; from di family of Merari: Kish wey be di son of Abdi, plus Azariah wey be di son of Jehallelel; from di family of Gershon: Joah wey be di son of Zimmah plus Eden wey be di son of Joah;

13. from di family of Elizaphan: Shimri plus Jeiel; from di family of Asaph: Zechariah plus Mattaniah;

14. from di family of Heman: Jehiel plus Shimei; from di family of Jeduthun: Shemaiah plus Uzziel.

15. Dem gada dia brodas, and dem make demsef pure. Naso dem enta to clean Baba-God house to make am holy, just as di king tell dem, based-on Baba-God word.

16. Naso di priests enta di inside part of Baba-God house to make di place holy; dem carry everitin wey no clean—come outside, enta di yard of Baba-God house. Di Levites carry dem come outside go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Kidron.

17. For di first day of di first month, dem start to dey clean di place to make am holy; by di eighth day of di month, dem reach di yard for Baba-God house. For eight more days, dem make Baba-God house holy by cleaning am. So dem finish di work for di sixteenth day of di first month.

18. Dem con go meet King Hezekiah, and dem tell am sey: “We don clean di whole of Baba-God house, even di altar of burnt offering, plus all e tools, and di table for di Sample Bread for Baba-God front, plus all e tools.

19. Evensef, we don arrange and clean all di tools wey King Ahaz bin komot  wen he be king, wen he turn komot from Baba-God, and dem dey for front of Baba-God altar.”

Hezekiah Bring Back Di Worship For Baba-God house

20. Early di next morning, King Hezekiah gada di leaders of di city, and dem go Baba-God house.

21. Dem bring seven small-malu, seven rams, seven lambs, and seven he-goats—as sin offering for di kingdom, for di holy place, and for Judah. Naso di king tell di priests, di pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron—to sacrifice di offerings for Baba-God altar.

22. Dem kill di small-malu, and di priests carry di blood, con sprinkle am for di altar. Naso dem kill di rams sef, con sprinkle di blood for di altar; and dem kill di lambs, con sprinkle di blood for di altar.

23. Las-las dem  bring  di  goats  for  di  sin  offering, for front of di king and di pipo  wey gada, and dem put dia hands on dem.

24. Di priests con kill dem, and  dem make sin offering wit di blood for di altar, to clean di sins of all di pipo of Israel, becos di king tok sey make dem  give di burnt offering and sin offering for all di pipo of Israel.

25. King Hezekiah position di Levites for inside Baba-God house wit cymbals plus music instruments wey get string, plus harp just as David and Gad wey be di king prophet, and Nathan di prophet—bin tok; na Baba-God true-true give dis orders tru hin prophets.

26. Di Levites take dia position around Baba-God house wit David music instrument, and di priests take dia position wit di trumpets.

27. Hezekiah sey make dem give di burnt sacrifice for di altar. As dem start to dey give di burnt sacrifice, dem start  to dey sing for Baba-God, naso di trumpets plus di music instruments of King David of Israel—start to  dey play sef.

28. So all di pipo wey gada con dey worship, as di singers dey sing, and di pipo wey dey play di trumpets blow dia trumpets. All dis tins kontinu until di burnt sacrifice finish.

29. Wen di offering don finish, di king plus all di pipo wey dey wit am bow  down, con dey worship.

30. Evensef, King Hezekiah plus di leaders con tell di Levites to praise Baba-God, wit di psalms of David plus Asaph di prophet. So dem praise Baba-God wit happiness, con bow down dey worship Baba-God.

31. Naso Hezekiah tok sey, “Now wey una don make unasef pure for Baba- God. Come and make una carry sacrifices plus tanks offerings go Baba-God house.” So all di pipo wey gada, bring sacrifices plus tanksgiving  offerings, and any pesin wey get free-mind bring burnt offerings.

32. Di pipo wey gada bring 70 malu, 100 rams, plus 200 lambs—as burnt  offering to Baba-God,

33. and 600 malu, plus 3,000 sheep and goat as holy offering.

34. But di priest no con dey enuff to skin di animal, so dia brodas, di Levites, epp dem until dem finish di work, and until di oda priests don make demsef pure; becos di Levites dey serious to keep demsef clean pass di priests.

36. Hezekiah plus all di pipo con dey happy about wetin Baba-God don arrange

37. Burnt sacrifices con brekete, and even di fat from di peace offerings, plus di drink offerings wey dem give wit everi burnt sacrifices. So di service for Baba-God house con set again.

for di pipo, becos e happun sharp-sharp.


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