2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 30

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       Hezekiah Celebrate Di Passover

  1. Naso Hezekiah send messages tru-out Israel plus Judah; he even write letters to Ephraim plus Manasseh, to call dem to come Baba-God house for Jerusalem, to celebrate di Passover for Baba-God di Oga of Israel.
  2. Di king, wit hin leaders, plus all di pipo for Jerusalem decide to celebrate di Passover for di second month.
  3. Dem no fit celebrate am for di normal time becos enuff priests neva make dem sef pure, and di pipo neva gada for Jerusalem.
  4. Di plan con make-sense to di king plus all  di pipo.
  5. So dem send law tru-out Israel, from Beer-sheba to Dan, to call all di pipo to come celebrate di Passover for Baba-God of Israel, for Jerusalem, becos e don tey wey di pipo celebrate am wit plenty-plenty pipo—just as dem write am for di book of di law.
  6. Messengers deliver di letters from di king and hin leaders tru-out Israel plus Judah. Dis law from di palace tok sey: “Oh pipo of Israel, come back to Baba-God of Abraham, Isaac, plus Israel, so dat he go fit come back to una wey he save from di kings of Assyria.
  7. Make una no be like una papa-papa-papa plus una brodas wey no gree follow Baba-God of dia ancestors, as dem make am vex—sote he con scata dem, as una dey see so.
  8. Now, make una no get coconut-head [stubborn] like una papa-papa-papa! Make una sempe for Baba-God, and come hin holy place wey he don make holy forever. Serve Baba-God wey be una Oga so dat he go stop to dey vex seriously for una.
  9. If una turn back to Baba-God—una brodas, plus una sons go see mercy from di pipo wey catch dem, and dem go come back to dis land; becos Baba-God una Oga dey show grace, and he dey sorry-for pesin; he no go throway-face from una if una turn back to am.”
  10. Di messengers travel from city to city tru di land of Ephraim plus Manasseh—far-far go reach Zebulun, but pipo laff dem, con even yab dem.
  11. But some men from Asher, Manasseh, plus Zebulun humble demsef, and dem come Jerusalem.
  12. Baba-God hand con ginger di pipo for Judah, so dat dem go come togeda wit one heart, con do di words of di king and di leaders—di words wey Baba-God tell dem to do.
  13. Plenty-plenty pipo gada for Jerusalem to celebrate di Festival of Bread wit no yeast, for di second month.
  14. Dem komot di altars for Jerusalem; dem still komot all di incense altars, con throway dem for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Kidron.
  15. Dem kill di Passover lamb for di fourteenth day of di second month. Di priests plus di Levites con dey shame, so dem make demsef pure and dem carry burnt sacrifices go Baba-God house.
  16. Dem stand for dia normal positions based-on di law of Moses, wey be man  of God. Di priests con dey sprinkle di blood as di Levites carry am give  dem.
  17. Becos many among di pipo wey gada, neva make demsef pure, di Levites kill di Passover lambs of all di pipo wey no clean, to make dem  holy for Baba-God.
  18. Most of di pipo from Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar, plus Zebulun no clean, but dem chop di Passover against wetin di law tok sey make dem do. But  Hezekiah pray for dem, sey: “Make Baba-God wey good, forgive
  19. everi pesin wey really wan follow Baba-God, di God of hin papa-papa-papa, even if he no clean based-on di standard [rules] of di holy-place.”
  20. Baba-God ansa Hezekiah, con heal (forgive) di pipo.
  21. Di pipo of Israel wey dey for Jerusalem celebrate di Festival of Bread  Wit No Yeast for seven days, wit serious joy. Di Levites plus di priests  con dey praise Baba-God day by day, as dem dey sing wit loud music instruments.
  22. Hezekiah ginger all di Levites, wey show beta understanding for Baba-God mata. Dem chop for di seven days of di festival, and dem give peace offerings, con dey give tanks to Baba-God of dia papa-papa-papa.
  23. Di plenty pipo wey gada con decide to celebrate for seven more days;  so dem celebrate wit happiness for seven more days.
  24. King Hezekiah of Judah give 1,000 malu plus 7,000 sheep for di pipo,  and di princes (leaders) give di pipo 1,000 malu plus 10,000 sheep; so plenty priests make demsef pure.
  25. All di pipo of Judah con dey celebrate, wit di Levites, all di pipo wey come from Israel, di foreigners wey come from di land of Israel, plus di  foreigners wey dey stay for Judah.
  26. Serious celebration con dey for Jerusalem, e pass anytin wey don ever happun for Jerusalem since di time of King Solomon wey be di son of David of Israel.
  27. Di priests plus di Levites stand up, con dey bless di pipo. Baba-God hear dia voice, and dia prayers reach heaven, for di Holy place where he dey stay.


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