2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 31

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Di Changes Wey Hezekiah Make

  1. Wen di festival finish, all di pipo of Israel wey dey for there, con go di  cities of Judah, and dem scata all di images to pieces, dem cut di images  of di goddess of Asherah, and dem dabaru all di shrines, and altars wey  dey for di whole of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, plus Manasseh—sote dem scata all of dem kpatakpata. All di pipo of Israel con go back to dia house for dia own cities.

            Di Pipo Give For Baba-God House

2. Hezekiah con organize di priests plus Levites for groups, based-on di work wey dem dey do—to give burnt offerings plus peace offerings, to serve, to give tanks, and to sing praises for di gates of Baba-God house.

3. Di king give some of hin own animals for burnt sacrifices, even for di morning and evening burnt sacrifices, plus di burnt sacrifices wey dem dey do for Sabbaths, New moon festivals, and for oda festivals everi year—wey dey for inside Baba-God law.

4. Evensef, he tell di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem to bring di offerings wey dem suppose bring for di priests and Levites, so dat dem go fit put dia full mind for Baba-God law.

5. Wen di pipo hear wetin di king want, di pipo of Israel bring plenty of dia firstfruits; corn, wine, ororo, honey, and from all dia harvest for di land, plus di tithe of everitin wey dia farm produce; and dem bring plenty tithe of everitin.

6. So di pipo of Israel plus di pipo of Judah wey dey live for di cities of Judah sef, give di tithe of dia malu, goats, and sheep, plus di tithe of di holy tins wey dem promise to give Baba-God, and dem gada di different-different tins.

7. For di third month, dem start to dey gada di different-different offerings, and dem finish for di seventh month.

8. Wen Hezekiah and di leaders come, con see wetin dem gada, dem praise Baba-God and dem bless hin pipo Israel.

9. Wen Hezekiah ask di priests and Levites about wetin dem gada,

10. Azariah, wey be di chief priest from di family of Zadok, con tell am sey, “Since dem start to dey bring di offerings come Baba-God house, we don get plenty tins to chop, and we get plenty tins wey remain. Becos Baba-God don bless hin pipo, and all di tins wey remain burku.”

11. So Hezekiah tok sey make dem arrange store for inside Baba-God house. Wen dem do dis tin, dem bring di offerings, plus di tithes, and holy tins wey dem give to use for Baba-God house. Konaniah wey be Levite, nahin dey in charge of all dis tins, and hin broda Shimei na di next pesin.

12. Jehiel, Azaziah, Nahath, Asahel, Jerimoth, Jozabad, Eliel, Ismakiah, Mahath, and Benaiah work under Konaniah and hin broda Shimei, just as di King Hezekiah tok—plus Azariah wey be di leader of Baba-God house.

13. And Kore wey be di son of Imnah, wey be Levite and guard for di east gate nahin dey in charge to share di offerings wey di pipo of Israel give wit free-mind to Baba-God, to share Baba-God offerings, plus di Most  Holy tins.

14. For di cities of di priests, Eden, Miniamin, Jeshua, Shemaiah, Amariah, plus Shecaniah epp Kore wit dia full-mind—to share di gifts among dia families (Levites) for dia towns based-on dia groups. He share di tins for both small and big.

  1. Apart from di boys from three years old go up wey dem write dia names for dia  family book, dem share give everi one of dem wey dey enta inside Baba-God house to do dia work everi day based-on dia groups.
  2. Dem share to di priests wey dia families register dia names, and to di Levites wey be twenty years old go up, based-on dia work and dia groups,
  3. and dem share tins to all di pipo wey dem register dia names—even all dia small-small-pikin, wives, sons, and daughters of di whole pipo, becos dem dey faithful to make demsef pure.
  4. As for di priests, di pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron, di priests wey bin dey for di farmland around dia cities or for any oda cities, dem choose men by dia name to share portion give everi man among dem, and to all di pipo wey dem register dia names as di families of di Levites.
  5. Naso Hezekiah do for di whole of Judah. He do wetin dey good, correct, and true, for Baba-God eyes.
  6. And all di work wey he start for di service of Baba-God house, and for di law plus di commandment, and to follow hin God—he do dem wit all hin heart, and he prosper.


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