2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 32

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Sennacherib Make-mouth Against Judah

  1. Afta king Hezekiah don do dis work wit faithfulness, King Sennacherib of  Assyria con take-over Judah. He surround di strong cities, wit di mind to take over dem.
  2. Wen Hezekiah see sey Sennacherib don show-face, and he dey plan to attack Jerusalem,
  3. he meet hin leaders and commanders to stop di water wey dey flow for  outside di city, and dem epp am.
  4. He organize plenty-plenty pipo and dem stop all di water wey dey flow from ground, plus all di small-rivers wey dey flow tru di land. Dem reason sey, “Why di kings of Assyria go con see plenty water?” (So dat water no go flow go meet dem)
  5. Hezekiah use full energy take build everi part of di wall wey don break, and he build tall-houses for di wall, con build anoda wall for outside di first one, and he repair di Millo for di City of David. He make plenty weapons plus  shields.
  6. He choose commanders for di army, and he gada dem togeda for one open space near di gate of di city. He con ginger dem, sey,
  7. “Make una dey strong and make una get-mind! No let fear catch una and no let una mind dey cut, becos of di king of Assyria wit hin big army wey dey  wit am! We get pesin wey dey for awa side wey big pass wetin dey wit am.
  8. He get human being pawa wit am, but Baba-God awa Oga dey for awa side to epp us, con fight awa fight!” Naso di words of King Hezekiah of Judah ginger di whole army.
  9. Lata, as king Sennacherib of Assyria dey attack Lachish wit all hin armies, he send hin messengers go Jerusalem. Di message na for King Hezekiah of Judah and all di pipo of Judah wey dey for Jerusalem. Di letter tok sey:
  10. “Dis na wetin King Sennacherib of Assyria dey tok: ‘Why you get confidence like dis wey you still dey for Jerusalem wen sojas surround you?
  11. Wen Hezekiah tok sey: ‘Baba-God awa Oga go save us from di pawa of di king of Assyria,’ he dey carry una waka miss-road and na hunger go kill una, wit no water!
  12. Na Hezekiah komot Baba-God worship place and altars, and he con tell Judah plus Jerusalem sey, ‘Make una worship and give sacrifices for  one altar.’
  13. Abi una no sabi wetin me and my papa-papa-papa don do to all di nations wey dey around? Abi di gods of di nations wey dey around fit save dia land from my hand?
  14. Which one among all di gods of these nations wey dem my papa wipe  out kpatakpata, fit save dia own pipo from my pawa—wey your God go fit save you from my hand?
  15. Now no let Hezekiah scam una, or carry una waka miss-road like dis. No believe am, becos no god of any nation or kingdom don fit save dia pipo from my pawa or di pawa of my ancestors. So how una God go fit save una from my hand?’”
  16. Sennacherib servants still tok against Baba-God wit hin servant  Hezekiah.
  17. He write letters wey he take yab Baba-God of Israel, con insult am wit dis words: “Di gods of di nations wey dey around no fit save dia pipo from my pawa. Abi Hezekiah God fit save hin pipo from my pawa.”
  18. Naso di Assyrians shout wit loud voice wit Jews language to di pipo of Jerusalem wey dey for di wall, to make dem fear and make dem shake so  dat dem go fit take-over di city.
  19. Dem tok about di God of Jerusalem as if na one of di gods of di nations  of di earth, wey men use hand take make.

As Dem Take Win Sennacherib and As He Take Kpeme

20. King Hezekiah plus prophet Isaiah wey be di son of Amoz con pray about  dis tin and dem cry out to heaven.

21. Naso Baba-God send one angel, and he wipe out all di soldiers, princes, and officers for di army of di king of Assyria. So Sennacherib go back to hin  own land wit shame. Wen he enta di shrine of hin god, some of hin own  pikin con kill am wit sword.

22. Baba-God save Hezekiah plus di pipo of Jerusalem from di pawa of King Sennacherib of Assyria and from all di oda nations. He make dem safe for everi angle.

23. Many pipo con dey bring gifts to Baba-God for inside Jerusalem, plus beta-beta gifts to King Hezekiah of Judah. From dat time go, all di nations con dey look am wit high levels.

     Hezekiah Sempe

24. Those days, one sickness con catch Hezekiah—sote he wan even die. But he

pray to Baba-God, wey ansa am, con give am one sign to confam sey he go heal.

25. But Hezekiah no gree tank Baba-God [or give back] for all di blessings wey Baba-God give am; he con dey feel-big—sote Baba-God vex for am, and  even Judah plus Jerusalem.

26. But Hezekiah plus di pipo of Jerusalem con humble demsef, and dem stop to dey feel-big, so Baba-God stop to dey vex for dem for di rest of Hezekiah life.

Hezekiah Levels plus Di Moni Wey He Get

27. Hezekiah get moni well-well and pipo respect am sef. He build house to  keep hin silver, gold, fine-fine-stones, spices, plus all hin oda beta-beta properties.

28. He build store-rooms for di harvest of seeds, wine, and ororo, and house for all hin different-different kinds of animals, and hin sheep plus goats.

29. He build cities for hinsef and he get plenty sheep, goats, and malu, becos Baba-God give am plenty-plenty properties and moni.

30. Na Hezekiah block di water wey dey for Upper Gihon con direct dem down  for di west side of di City of David. Hezekiah succeed for everitin wey he dey do.

31. So wen di messengers of di princes of Babylon show-face to am, to ask  about di wonders wey happun for di land, Baba-God leave am alone to test am, to sabi everitin wey dey for hin heart.

As Hezekiah Take Kpeme

32. Di rest of di tins wey happun as Hezekiah be king, plus di good tins wey he  do—dem  write  dem  for  di vision  of prophet Isaiah, wey be di son of Amoz, and di books of di Kings of Judah plus Israel.

33. Hezekiah kpeme and dem bury am for di up side of di burial ground of di sons of David. All di pipo of Judah plus di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem con bury am wit serious respect. Naso hin son Manasseh take hin place as king.


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