2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 33

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            Manasseh As King of Judah

  1. Manasseh na twelve years old wen he be king, and he be king for fifty-five years for Jerusalem.
  2. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, and he do di same tufiakwa wey di nation wey Baba-God pursue komot from front of di pipo of Israel—dey do.
  3. He build di idol shrines again, wey hin papa Hezekiah bin scata; he set up altars for Baals, con make images of Asherah. He bow down to all di stars for di sky, con worship dem.
  4. He build altars for inside Baba-God house, of which Baba-God bin tok sey, “My name go dey for Jerusalem forever.”
  5. For di two yard of Baba-God house, he build altars for all di stars wey dey for sky.
  6. He make hin sons burn for faya as sacrifice for bottom-of-di-mountain of Ben-hinnom, and he start to dey do jazz, he follow witch do tins, and he meet  pipo wey dey tok to dead pipo. He do plenty evil tins for Baba-God eyes.
  7. He put one idol image wey he make—for inside Baba-God house, of which Baba-God bin tell David and hin son Solomon, sey, “Dis worship-place for Jerusalem, wey I don choose out of all di tribes of Israel, to put my name  forever;
  8. I no go make Israel komot again, from di land wey I give dia papa-papa-papa, as long as dem calm down to obey everitin wey I tell dem to do, di whole law, di commandments and words wey I give Moses.”
  9. But Manasseh carry di pipo of Judah plus di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem—to waka miss-road, sote dem con dey do more-more bad-bad-tins pass even di pipo wey Baba-God bin scata for front of di pipo of Israel.

Manasseh Repent

10. So Baba-God tok to Manasseh and hin pipo, but dem no gree listen.

11. Baba-God con bring di commanders of di army of di king of Assyria against dem. Dem gbab Manasseh, dem put hooks for hin nose, dem tie am wit bronze chains, con carry am go Babylon.

12. From inside hin pain Manasseh ask Baba-God wey be hin Oga to sorry-for am, and he true-true humble hinsef for Baba-God of hin ancestors.

13. Wen he pray to Baba-God, Baba-God ansa am, con ansa am wit favour—for hin cry for mercy. Baba-God carry am come back to Jerusalem, to hin kingdom. Naso Manasseh sabi sey Baba-God na Oga.

14. Afta dis, Manasseh build up di outside wall of di City of David for di west side of bottom-of-di-mountain of Gihon—go reach di doormot of di Fish Gate and round di part of di City wey dem dey call Ophel; he make am high well-well. He con put army officers for all di strong cities wey get wall for Judah.

15. He komot di foreign gods plus images from Baba-God house, plus all di altars wey he bin build for di mountain of Baba-God house and for Jerusalem; he throway dem for outside di city.

16. He build Baba-God altar, con give peace offerings and tanks offering, and he tell di pipo of Judah to serve Baba-God of Israel.

17. Di pipo kontinu to give sacrifices for di shrines, even though na only to Baba-God dia Oga.

18. As for di rest tins wey happun wen Manasseh be king, plus hin prayer to  hin God and di words wey di prophets bin follow am tok wit di name of Baba-God of Israel, dem write dem for di book of di Kings of Israel.

19. Manasseh prayers, and how Baba-God take ansa am, plus hin sins and how he  take turn komot from Baba-God, and di places where he build shrines, plus di image of Asherah and idols before he humble hinsef—dem write dem for  di book of Hozi.

20. Manasseh die and dem bury am inside hin palace. Hin son Amon con take hin place as king.

Amon As Evil King of Judah

21. Amon na twenty-two years old wen he be king, and he be king for two years for inside Jerusalem.

22. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes just like hin papa Manasseh bin do. He give sacrifices to all di idols wey hin papa Manasseh bin make, con worship dem.

23. He no gree sempe for Baba-God just as hin papa Manasseh bin do; but Amon do more-more bad-bad-tins.

24. Hin servants plan against am, dem kill am for inside hin  palace. So di pipo of di land kill all di pipo wey plan against King Amon, and dem make hin son Josiah king for hin place.


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