2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 34

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Josiah As Good King of Judah

  1. Josiah na eight years old wen he be king, and he be king for thirty-one years for Jerusalem.
  2. He do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes, con follow di ways of hin papa-papa-papa David; he no turn go right or left.

Josiah Scata Di Idols

3. For di eighth year wen he be king, wen he still young, he start to dey  follow di God of hin papa-papa-papa David. For hin twelfth year as king, he start to dey komot di shrines from Judah plus Jerusalem, he komot di images of  Asherah, di idols, plus images.

4. Dem scata di altars of Baals for hin front, con break di incense altars wey dey on top of dem. He scata di images of Asherah, di images wey dem carve, con break di images wey dem mold. He grind dem to dust, con sprinkle di dust for di graves of di pipo wey bin dey give dem sacrifice.

5. He burn di bones of di priests of di idols for dia altars, and he clean Judah plus Jerusalem.

6. He do di same tin for di cities of Manasseh, Ephraim, plus Simeon, far-far  go reach Naphtali, and for di shrines wey dey around dem,

7. he break down di altars and images of Asherah, he grind di images wey dem mold—to powder, con break all di idols for di whole land of Israel. Naso he go back to Jerusalem.

           Josiah Repar Baba-God House

8. For di eighteenth year as he be king, afta he don clean di land plus Baba-God house. He send Shaphan, wey be di son of Azaliah, Maaseiah wey be di ruler of di city, plus Joah wey be di son of Joahaz, di recorder—to  repair di house of Baba-God wey be hin Oga.

9. Dem go meet Hilkiah wey be di high priest, con give am di moni wey pipo  carry come Baba-God house. Di Levites wey dey guard di door bin collect am from di people of Manasseh plus Ephraim and  from all di pipo wey remain  for Israel, even from all di people of Judah plus Benjamin, and di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem.

10. Dem carry am give di supervisors of di work for Baba-God house. And dem use am take pay di workers to repair Baba-God house.

11. Dem give di artists moni moni  and di builders, to buy stones wet dem
don cut and wood for di braces and rafters of the build- ings that the
fall into disrepair.
kings of Judah had allowed to

Dem give di artists [carpenters] plus di builders moni—to buy stones wey dem don design, plus wood for di poles for di roof and di floor—of di house wey di king of Judah don kpafuka.

  1. Di men do di work wit dia church-mind. Dia supervisors na; Jahath plus Obadiah [Levites from di family of Merari], and Zechariah plus Meshullam [from di Kohath family]. Oda of di Levites, wey sabi play music instruments
  1. con dey in charge of di laborers plus all di workers for dia different-different works. Some of di Levites na writers, officers, plus guards.

Hilkiah See Di Book of Baba-God Law

14. As dem carry di moni wey pipo bring come Baba-God house, naso Hilkiah wey  be di priest, see di book of di law wey Moses write.

15. Hilkiah con tell Shaphan wey be di writer, sey, “I don see di book of di law for inside Baba-God house.” So Hilkiah carry di book go meet Shaphan.

16. Shaphan carry di book go meet di king, con tok sey, “Your servants dey do everitin wey dem put for dia hands.

17. Dem don gada all di moni for Baba-God house, con carry am give di supervisors plus di workers.”

18. Naso Shaphan wey be di writer tell di king sey, “Hilkiah di priest don give me one book.” So Shaphan read di book for front of di king.

19. Wen di king hear di words of di book of di law, he tear hin clothes.

20. Di king con tell Hilkiah, Ahikam wey be di son of Shaphan, Abdon wey be di son of Micah, Shaphan di writer, plus Asaiah wey be di king servant, sey,

21. “Oya make una go, ask Baba-God for me, and those wey remain for Israel plus Judah—about di words of dis book wey dem see. Becos Baba-God don dey vex for us like faya, becos awa ancestors no gree obey Baba-God word by doing everitin wey dis book dey yarn!”

Huldah Prophecy

22. So Hilkiah plus di odas wey di king send, con go meet Huldah wey be prophetess, she be di wife of Shallum wey be di son of Tokhath, di son of Hasrah, di supervisor of di wardrobe. (She dey stay for di Second part of Jerusalem.) So dem gist her dia mata,

23. and she tell Dem sey: “Dis na wetin Baba-God of Israel dey tok: ‘Tell di man wey send una to me—dis tin:

24. “Dis na Wetin Baba-God tok: ‘I go soon bring wahala for dis place and for di pipo wey dey live for there, even all di curses wey dey for inside di book wey dem read for front of di king of Judah.

35. Dis tin go happun becos dem fashi me, con give sacrifices to oda gods, and dem make me vex wit all di idols wey dem make. My vex go pour  against dis place like faya and e no go off!’”’

36. Tell di king of Judah dis tin, wey send una to go ask from Baba-God: “’Dis na wetin Baba-God of Israel dey yarn: “About di words wey you don hear;

27. Becos your heart calm down, and you humble yoursef for Baba-God front  wen you hear hin words about dis place plus all di pipo wey dey for there. You sempe for my front, you tear your clothes, con cry for my front, and I  don hear you,’ naso Baba-God tok.

28. “So I go let you join your ancestors, and dem go bury you wit peace. You no go see all di kasala wey I go bring for dis place and for di pipo wey dey for there.’”’” Naso dem go back to tell di king.

Josiah Make New Agreement

29. Di king con call all di leaders of Judah plus Jerusalem.

30. Di king go Baba-God house, and all di pipo of Judah follow am, wit di pipo of Jerusalem, di priests, plus di Levites. All di pipo dey for there, from di  biggest to di smallest. He read all di words of di book of di law wit loud voice—di book of di law wey dem see for inside Baba-God house.

31. Di king stand near hin pillar and he make agreement for Baba-God front, to follow Baba-God and to obey hin commandments, laws, plus hin words wit all hin heart and soul, by doing di words of dis law wey dey for dis book.

32. He make all di pipo wey dey for Jerusalem plus Benjamin, agree for am. Di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem obey di agreement wey dem make wit Baba- God, di God of dia papa-papa-papa.

33. Josiah komot all di wor-wor idols from all di areas of di pipo of Israel, and he make all di pipo wey dey for Israel—to worship Baba-God wey be dia Oga. Tru-out di remaining time wen he be king, dem no turn komot from following Baba-God wey be di Oga of dia papa-papa-papa.


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