2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 35

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    Josiah Celebrate Di Passover

  1. Josiah celebrate one Passover festival for Baba-God, for Jerusalem. Dem kill di Passover lambs on di fourteenth day of di first month.
  2. He set di priests to do dia work and he ginger dem to do dia service for Baba-God house.
  3. He tell di Levites wey dey teach all di pipo of Israel, di Levites wey dem  separate as holy-pipo for Baba-God, sey: “Put di holy ark for inside di worship-place wey King Solomon wey be di pikin of David of Israel build. Una no go carry di ark upandan for una shoulders again. Now make una serve Baba-God wey be una Oga, plus hin pipo Israel!
  4. Make una prepare unasef based-on una papa house; follow di words wey David write, and di words wey Solomon write.
  5. Stand for di holy-place, for di place wey dem choose for una family group, con epp di families wey una dey in charge of—as dem dey bring dia offerings come Baba-God house.
  6. Kill di Passover lambs, con make unasef pure, and make arrangement  for una brodas (di pipo of Israel), so dat dem go follow everitin wey Baba-God tok tru Moses.”
  7. Josiah give di pipo 30,000 lambs and goats for di Passover sacrifice,  and even 3,000 malu—from hin own animals,
  8. Hin leaders give wit free-mind sef—to di pipo, di priests, and Levites. Hilkiah, Zechariah, plus Jehiel, di leaders of Baba-God house, give 2,600 sheep and goats for Passover sacrifices and 300 malu.
  9. Konaniah and hin brodas, Shemaiah plus Nethanel, wit Hashabiah, Jeiel, and Jozabad, di officials of di Levites, give di Levites 5,000 Passover sacrifices plus 500 malu.
  10. Dem arrange di service, and di priests stand for dia place, and di Levites dey for dia groups based-on wetin di king tok.
  11. Dem kill di Passover lambs, and di priests sprinkle di blood wit dia hand, as di Levites dey skin di animals.
  12. Dem remove di burnt offerings—to give dem to dia family groups, so dat dem go fit give dem to Baba-God, based-on wetin di book of Moses tok. Dem do di same tin for di malu.
  13. Dem roast di Passover sacrifices wit di faya based-on di law; but dem boil di oda holy offerings wit pots, kettles, and pans. Naso dem sharply serve dem for all di pipo.
  14. Afta dis, di Levites arrange Passover offerings [di animals] for demsef  and for di priests, becos di priests—di pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron, busy dey give burnt sacrifices plus di fat—from morning till evening; naso di Levites prepare [di animals] for demsef and for di priests, di pikin- pikin-pikin of Aaron.
  15. Di musicians, di pikin-pikin-pikin of Asaph, take dia position, just as David, Asaph, Heman, plus Jeduthun wey be di king prophet—bin tok. Di guards wey dey for di different gates no komot from dia position, becos dia fellow Levites arrange share for dem.
  16. So dat day, dem do di whole service of Baba-God to celebrate di Passover, and di offering of burnt sacrifice for di altar of Baba-God, based-on wetin king Josiah tok.
  17. So di pipo of Israel wey dey around con celebrate di Passover around dat time, and even di Festival of Bread wit no yeast—for seven days.
  18. Dem neva celebrate Passover like dis before for Israel since di days of Samuel di prophet. No king of Israel don ever celebrate di Passover like  dis one wey Josiah celebrate, wit di priests, di Levites, plus all di pipo of  Judah and Israel wey dey for there, and di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem.
  19. For di eighteenth year of king Josiah as king nahin dem take celebrate dis Passover.

        Josiah Die For War

20. Afta king Josiah don do all dis tins for Baba-God house, King Necho of Egypt march come out to fight war against Carchemish near River Euphrates. Naso Josiah march out to fight am.

21. So Necho send messengers go meet am, sey, “Which business we get  togeda, Oh king of Judah? I no dey attack you today, I dey go fight anoda kingdom and Baba-God tell me to do sharp-sharp. No try to stop Baba-God work, Baba-God dey wit me, or else he go kill you.”

22. But Josiah no gree turn back from am; he disguise hinsef for war. He no take di words of Necho wit seriousness—message wey he receive from  Baba-God; naso Josiah go fight Necho for bottom-of-di-mounatin wey dem dey call Megiddo.

23. Naso dem use arrow take shoot King Josiah; so di king tell hin servants sey, “Carry me komot, becos dem don wound me seriously.”

24. So hin servants carry am komot from di horse-moto, dem put am for anoda horse-moto wey belong to am, con carry am come Jerusalem, and na for there he die. Dem bury am for di King burial ground wit hin ancestors. So all di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem cry for Josiah.

25. Jeremiah composed burial song for Josiah wey all di man plus woman singers dey sing for Josiah till today. Na tradition for di pipo of Israel to sing di sad song till today; dem write am for inside di Book of Sad Songs.

26. As for di rest tins wey happun as Josiah be king, plus di good tins wey he do based-on wetin dey inside Baba-God law,

27. and di tins wey he do, from starting to ending—dem write dem for di Books of di Kings of Israel plus Judah.


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