2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 4

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Di Properties of Baba-God House

  1. He make bronze altar wey long reach 30 feet, wey wide reach 30 feet, and wey high reach 15 feet.
  2. He still make di big bronze basin wey dem dey call “Di Sea”. E measurement from one side of di mouth to di oda side na 15 feet, na shape of circle, and e high reach seven and half feet. Di round mouth of di basin na 45 feet.
  3. Images of malu dey for under am, all around am, ten for everi eighteen inches all round am. Na two rows dem cast wit di big basin wey dem dey  call ‘Di Sea.’
  4. Di ‘Sea’ (big basin) stand on top of twelve malu. Three dey face di north side, three face di west side, three face di south side, and three face di east side. Dem put di ‘Sea’ (big basin) on top of dem, and all of dem face outside.
  5. Di big basin thick reach 3 inches, and di mouth of di basin be like di mouth of cup—like lily flower. Di basin fit contain 60,000 liters.
  6. He make ten basins (small basins) for washing; he put five for di south side, and five for di north side. Dem use di basins take dey rinse di tins wey dem dey use for burnt sacrifices; but na di priests dey use di ‘Sea’ (big  basin) take dey wash.”
  7. He make ten gold lampstands based-on di design, and he put dem inside  Baba-God house, five for di right side  and five for di left side.
  8. He make ten tables, con set dem for inside Baba-God house, five for di right side and five for di left. He still make one hundred gold bowls.
  9. He make di yard of di priests and di big yard wit e doors; he con cover dia doors wit bronze.
  10. He put di ‘Sea’ [di big bronze basin] for di right side, for di southeast corner.
  11. So Huram make di pots, shovels, plus bowls. He con finish all di work for Baba-God house—wey King Solomon give am to do.
  12. He make di two pillars, di two cap-of-pillars wey get shape of bowl on tops of di pillars, di net-design for di two cap-of-pillars wey get shape of bowl on top of di two pillars,
  13. di four hundred pomegranate for di net-design of di two pillars [di net- designs get two rows of pomegranate to cover di cap-of-di-pillars wey get shape of bowl for on top of di pillars],
  14. di ten basin-stands—wit di basins wey dey on top of di basin-stand,
  15. di big bronze basin wey dem dey call di ‘Sea’, wit e twelve malu wey dey for  under,
  16. and di pots, shovels, forks, plus oda tins; Huram wey be hin correct artist make all dis tins for King Solomon for Baba-God house—wit bronze wey dem polish.
  17. Di king cast dem for di smooth-land of Jordan, between Succoth and Zarethan.
  18. Solomon make plenty-plenty of dis tins, becos di bronze plenty well-well—sote dem no fit weigh di bronze.
  19. Solomon still make dis tins for Baba-God house: di gold altar, di tables where dem dey keep di Holy Bread for Baba-God front;
  20. di pure gold lampstands plus dia lamps wey dem go burn for di Most Holy Place based-on di pattern;
  21. di flowers, and di lamps, and gold wick-cutters—he make dem wit di best gold;
  22. di pure gold wick-cutter, basins, spoons, incense-container wey be pure gold; and di gold door of di house; di inside oor of di Most Holy Place plus di doors of Baba-God house—na gold he take make all dis tins.


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