2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 5

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Solomon Move Di Ark Go Baba-God House

  1. So Solomon do all di work for Baba-God house finish. Naso Solomon bring all di holy tins wey David hin papa bin bless for Baba-God; di silver, gold, plus all di properties, and he put dem inside di stores for Baba-God house.
  2. Solomon gada all Israel senior-men, plus all di leaders of di tribes, and di  chiefs of di fadas of di pipo of Israel—for Jerusalem, so dat dem go carry di ark of di agreement of Baba-God from di City of David [wey be Zion].
  3. So all di men of Israel gada for di king for di time of di festival, for di seventh month.
  4. Wen all di senior-men of Israel show-face, naso di Levites carry di ark.
  5. Di priests plus di Levites carry di ark, di tent of di worship-place, plus all di holy tins wey dey  for inside di tent.
  6. Naso king Solomon wit all di pipo of Israel wey gada wit am for front of di ark, con dey sacrifice sheep and malu wey dem no fit count—becos dem  to plenty.
  7. Di priests bring di ark of Baba-God word, to di place wey e suppose dey, for di room wey dey for inside Baba-God house, for inside di Most holy place, under di feathers of di cherubim.
  8. Di cherubim feathers spread on top of di place where di ark dey; di cherubim  con cover on top of di ark plus di poles.
  9. Di poles long well-well sote pesin fit see dia end from inside di Holy-place wey dey for front of di Most Holy Place, but pesin no fit see di poles from outside di Holy Place; and dem  dey  for  there  till  today.
  10. Notin dey for inside di ark apart from di two stones (wey dem write di ten commandments put) wey Moses bin put for inside di ark for Horeb. Na for  there Baba-God make agreement wit di pipo of Israel afta he carry dem komot from di land of Egypt.
  11. So di priests komot from di holy place. All di priests wey dey for there bin make demsef pure, no mata which group dem belong to.
  12. All di Levites wey be musicians, even; Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun, plus dia sons and dia family-pipo, wear white linen. Dem play di cymbals plus di instrument wit string as dem dey stand for di east side of di altar. 120 priests wey dey blow trumpets—dey wit dem.
  13. Di pipo wey dey blow di trumpets plus di singers play togeda, as dem dey praise Baba-God and dey give tanks to Baba-God—wit trumpets, cymbals, and oda music instruments, dem praise Baba-God wit loud sound, as dem dey sing: “Baba-God surely dey good; and hin love dey last forever,” naso cloud con brekete for inside Baba-God house.
  14. Di priests no con fit stand do dia work becos of di cloud; Baba-God level con full di worship-place.


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