2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 6

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Solomon Opening Prayer for Baba-God House

  1. Naso Solomon tok sey, “Baba-God don tok sey he dey live for inside thick darkness.
  2. But oh Baba-God, I don build big house for you, place where you fit stay forever.
  3. Naso di king turn round, con dey bless all di pipo of Israel wey gada as dem stand for there.
  4. He con tok sey, “Blessings for Baba-God di Oga of Israel, becos he don  do wetin he promise my papa David, sey:
  5. ‘Since di day wey I bring my pipo komot from di land of Egypt, I neva  choose any city from all di tribes of Israel to build house wey my Name go dey. And I no choose any man as leader of my pipo Israel.
  6. But now I don choose Jerusalem as place where my name go dey, and I don choose David to lead my pipo Israel.’
  7. Now my papa David bin get strong wish to build house for di name of Baba-God di Oga of Israel.
  8. But Baba-God tell my papa David sey, ‘E dey good for you to get strong love to build worship-place for my name.
  9. But no be you go build di worship-place; your own pikin wey you go born—nahin go build house for my name.
  10. Baba-God don keep di promise wey he make. I don take my papa David position and I don climb di king-chair of Israel, just as Baba-God bin promise. I don build dis house for di name of Baba-God di Oga of Israel.
  11. I don put di ark inside di house, di ark wey contain di agreement wey Baba-God make wit di pipo of Israel.”
  12. Naso he stand for front of Baba-God altar, for front of all di pipo of Israel wey gada, and he  spread hin hands.
  13. Solomon bin make one bronze stage wey dem fix for di middle of di yard. E long reach 7 ½, con wide reach 4 ½ feet. He stand on top, con kneel down for front of di whole pipo of Israel wey gada. He spread hin hands face heaven,
  14. and he pray: “Oh Baba-God of Israel, no god dey like you for heaven or for earth! You dey maintain agreement wit your servants wey dey obey you wit truth.
  15. You don keep your word to your servant, my papa David; dis very day, you don do wetin you promise.
  16. Now, oh Baba-God of Israel, keep di promise wey you make to your servant, my papa David, wen you tok sey, ‘You no go ever stop to get pesin wey go  dey rule for my front, for di king-chair of Israel, as long as your pikin watch dia way, con obey my law as you don do.’

17. Now, oh Baba-God of Israel, make di promise wey you make to your servant David come to pass.

18. But Baba-God no dey really live wit human being for di earth! See, heaven plus di highest heaven no fit contain you, tokless of dis house wey I don build!

19. But respect your servant prayer, and wetin he ask you for, oh Baba-God. And listen to di cry and prayer wey your servant dey pray to you;

20. Make your eyes dey on dis worship-place both for night and for day, di place where  you promise sey your name go dey, so dat you go ansa your servant prayer wey he pray as he dey face dis place.

21. Ansa wetin your servant dey beg you for, and di prayers wey your pipo Israel go pray for dis place. Hear from heaven where you dey, and wen you hear dem, forgive dem.

22. “If pesin do wrong tin against hin neighbour and dem sey make he come swear for front of di altar of dis house wey belong to you,

23. listen from heaven, and make you do sometin, judge between your pipo; condemn di pesin wey do wrong tin, and pay back di wicked man  based-on wetin he don do, and free di innocent pesin based-on he clean-hand.

24. “If enemy win your pipo Israel, becos dem commit sin against you, den if dem come back to you, and dem praise your name, con pray to you to epp dem, for front of dis worship-place,

25. den listen from heaven, forgive di sins of your pipo Israel, con carry dem come back to di land wey you give dem plus dia papa-papa-papa.

26.“If di heaven lock-up, and rain no gree fall becos your people don commit sin against you. Wen dem face dia prayers to dis place, con praise you, and dem turn komot from dia sin becos you don punish dem,

27. den listen from heaven, con forgive di sin of your servants, your pipo Israel. Surely, you go teach dem di correct way to live, con send rain for your land wey you don give your pipo to claim.

28. “If hunger dey for di land, disease, or disease wey dey catch plants, or a locusts or grasshoppers, or wen dia enemies surround di land of dia cities—which ever gbege or sickness dey;

29. Wen all your pipo of Israel pray, con ask you for epp, as dem dey feel pain and sorrow, and dem spread dia hands face dis worship-place,

30. den listen from heaven where you dey stay, forgive dem, and pay back  everi one of dem, based-on on all hin ways—since you sabi dia heart. [Na only you fit  true-true  torchlight  pesin  heart].

31. Naso dem go respect you by obeying you tru-out dia life as dem dey live for di land wey you give awa papa-papa-papa.

32. “Foreigners, wey no belong to your people Israel, go come from far-far land becos of your big-name plus di pawa of your big hand wey stretch out; dem go come, con  face  dia prayers to dis worship-place;

33. Den listen from your heaven where you dey stay, con ansa all di prayers of di foreigners. Den all di nations of di earth go sabi your name, dem go obey you like your pipo Israel, con confam sey dis house wey I don build nahin dm dey call by your name.

34. “Wen you lead your pipo to march out con fight dia enemies, and dem face dia prayers to you to dis city wey you choose and dis house wey I don build for your name,

35. den you go listen from heaven, to dia prayers for epp, con stand for dem [do wetin  dey right  for  dem].

36. “And if your pipo sin against you [becos no pesin dey wey no dey commit sin!] and you vex for dem, con carry dem give dia enemies, wey carry dem as prisoners go dia land, whether far-far or near.

37. Wen your pipo come back to dia sense for di land where dem be prisoners, dem con repent, and dem beg you for di land where dia enemy carry dem go, con tok sey, ‘We don commit sin and we don waka miss-road, we don do evil tin’;

38. Wen dem come back to you wit all dia heart plus all dis soul, for di land where dem be prisoners, con face dia prayers to di land wey you give dia papa-papa-papa, di city wey you choose, and di worship-place wey I build for your name;

39. Den make you listen from di heaven where you dey stay, to dia prayers and cry for epp, con stand for dem [do wetin dey right for dem], con forgive your pipo wey don commit sin against you.

40. “Now, my God, abeg make you dey listen and dey ansa di prayers wey dem pray for dis place.

41. Now rise up, oh Baba-God, to your place of rest, You plus di ark wey be di sign of your pawa! Oh Baba-God, make your priests, wear your pawa to save! Make your holy-pipo celebrate inside your goodness!

42. Oh Baba-God, no fashi di pipo wey you don anoint! Remember your  love wey no dey fail for your servant David!”


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