2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 7

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       Solomon Bless Baba-God House

  1. Wen Solomon pray finish, faya come down from heaven, con burn di burnt offering plus di sacrifices, and Baba-God level con full di worship-place.
  2. Di priests no con fit enta Baba-God house, becos Baba-God levels con brekete for inside di house.
  3. Wen all di pipo of Israel see di faya dey come down, and as Baba-God levels take full di house, naso dem bow down face ground. Dem worship and dem tank Baba-God, sey, “True-true, Baba-God dey good; and he dey sorry-for pesin forever!”
  4. Naso di king plus all di pipo give sacrifices to Baba-God.
  5. King Solomon sacrifice 22,000 malu, plus 120,000 sheep. So di king plus all di pipo bless di new house for Baba-God.
  6. Di priests stay for di place where dem suppose dey, along wit di Levites wey cary di music instruments wey dem dey use take praise Baba-God. Na  di instruments wey King David make for giving tanks to Baba-God, and wey David use wen he praise Baba-God sey, “He dey sorry-for pesin forever.” Opposite di Levites, di priests dey blow di trumpets, as all di pipo of Israel dey stand for there.
  7. Solomon bless di middle of di yard wey dey for front of Baba-God house. Na for there he give burnt sacrifices, seed offerings, plus di fat from di peace offerings, becos di bronze altar wey Solomon bin make too small to hold all  dis offerings.
  8. Around dat time, Solomon plus all di pipo of Israel wey dey wit am con celebrate di festival of tents for seven days, and plenty pipo gada from Lebo-hamath for di north side to di river of Egypt for di south.
  9. For di eighth day, dem do holy meeting, becos dem bin bless di altar for seven days, con celebrate di festival for seven more days.
  10. On di twenty-third day of di seventh month, Solomon discharge di pipo go dia house. Dem komot wit happiness and jollification for inside dia heart, becos of di beta tin wey Baba-God don do for David and Solomon, plus hin pipo Israel.
  11. Afta Solomon build Baba-God house finish and di palace, and he finish all di plan for Baba-God house and di palace.

Baba-God Show-face to King Solomon Di Second Time

12. Naso Baba-God show-face to Solomon for night, con tell am sey: “I don ansa your prayer, con choose dis place to be my worship-place—where dem go dey give sacrifices.

13. Wen I close up di sky so dat rain no gree fall, or tell locusts to chop di green trees and farm for di land, or if I send disease among my pipo,

14. If my pipo, wey dem dey call wit my name, go calm down, con pray, and try to fyne my face, con komot hand from dia bad-bad ways, naso I go ansa from heaven, I go  forgive dia sin, con heal dia land.

15. Now my eyes go open to dey watch, and I go dey listen to di prayers wey  dem dey  pray for dis place.

16. Now I don choose and bless di house by making am my house forever; my  eyes plus my heart go always dey for  there.

17. And as for you, if you go serve me as your papa David take serve me, con  do everitin wey I tell you to do, and obey my laws plus my words,

18. Naso I go stand your king-chair, just as I bin promise your papa David, sey ‘You go always get man for di king-chair of Israel.’

19. “But if you and your pipo ever turn komot from me, con fashi di laws and di words wey I tell you to do, and you con go serve and  worship oda gods,

20. naso I go komot you from my land wey I don give you, I go fashi dis worship-place wey I don bless for my Name, and I go turn am to sometin  wey pipo go dey laff and yab—among all di nations.

21. As for dis worship-place, wey get levels well-well, everi pesin wey pass near am go shock, con tok sey, ‘Why Baba-God do dis kain tin to dis land, and dis worship-place?’

22. Naso odas go ansa, ‘Na becos dem fashi [forget] di God of dia papa-papa-papa, wey carry dem komot from Egypt. Dem follow oda gods wey dem worship and serve; nahin make am put all dis wahala on dem’”


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