2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 8

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Some Oda Works Wey King Solomon Do

  1. E con happun sey, afta  twenty years, around wen Solomon build Baba-God house, wit hin palace,
  2. Solomon build di cities again, wey Huram bin give am, con settle di pipo  of Israel for  there.
  3. Solomon go Hamath Zobah con take-over di place.
  4. He build Tadmor for di desert plus all di cities for stores wey he bin build for Hamath.
  5. He make upper Beth-horon and lower Beth-horon—strong cities wey get walls, plus thick-iron and gates;
  6. he even build Baalath, plus all di cities for store wey belong to am, plus all di  cities where he dey keep hin horse-moto plus hin horses. He build anytin wey he want for Jerusalem, Lebanon, and tru-out hin whole kingdom.
  7. Now some pipo wey no be di pipo of Israel bin dey for di land—pipo wey  remain from di; Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites.
  8. Dia pikin-pikin-pikin stay for di land, becos di pipo of Israel no fit wipe dem out. Naso Solomon organize dem to do slave-work and dem kontinu for dat  work till today.
  9. But Solomon no use di pipo of Israel as slave for work; di pipo of Israel serve as hin sojas, officers, commanders of hin horse-motos  plus hin horse-riders.
  10. Dis men work for Solomon as supervisors; all of dem na 250, wey dey in  charge of di pipo.
  11. Solomon move Pharaoh daughter from di City of David—go di palace wey  he build for her, becos he tok sey, “My wife must no live for di palace of King David of Israel, becos di places where di ark of Baba-God enta—don turn to holy place.”
  12. Naso Solomon give burnt sacrifices to Baba-God, for Baba-God altar wey he build for front of di yard of di worship-place.
  13. He do wetin he suppose do everi day based-on di sacrifices wey Moses bin tok sey make dem dey give for di Sabbaths, new moon festivals, plus  di three celebrations everi year—di Festival of Bread wit no yeast, di Festival of Weeks, plus di Festival of Tents.
  14. As hin papa David bin tok, Solomon organize di priests for dia work, and he choose di Levites wey go lead di praise and epp di priests wit dia work everi day, plus di group of di guards to serve for di gates wey dem post dem. Dis na wetin David wey be man of God bin tok.
  15. Dem no fashi any tin wey di king tok about di priests, Levites, plus distore-houses.
  16. All di work wey Solomon tok sey make dem do con finish, from di day wen dem lay di foundation of Baba-God house until dem finish am; naso dem take finish Baba-God house.
  17. Naso Solomon go Ezion Geber plus Elat, wey dey for water-side for di land of Edom.
  18. Huram send ships to am, and some of hin sailors—men wey sabi water well-well. Dem move di ship wit Solomon men—go Ophir, con carry about 17 tons of gold from there, wey dem carry come back to meet King Solomon.


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