2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 9

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  Di Queen of Sheba [Bilikisu sunbgo] Cut-cap For Solomon

  1. Wen di Queen of Sheba [Bilikisu Sunbgo] hear about Solomon gist, she come meet am wit hard questions. She reach Jerusalem wit serious levels, she bring her camels wey carry spices, plenty-plenty gold, plus fine-fine-stones. She visit Solomon, con gist am everitin wey dey for her mind.
  2. Naso Solomon ansa all her questions; e no get any question wey too hard for di king.
  3. Wen di queen of Sheba see as Solomon wise reach, di palace wey he don build,
  4. di food for hin table, di way hin servants and workers take sidon for dia position, wit di cloth wey dem dey wear, di pipo wey dey serve hin wine wit dia clothes wey dem wear, plus di steps wey he dey climb to enta Baba-God house [to give sacrifices]—e blow her mind.
  5. Naso she tell di king sey, “Di gist wey I hear for my own kontri about di tins wey you don do, and your wisdom—na true!
  6. I no believe dis tins until I come, con see dem wit my korokoro eyes. True-true, I no hear reach even half of your wisdom and greatness! Your name and wisdom big pass wetin dem gist me.
  7. Your pipo must be happy pipo, plus your servants wey dey stand for your  front everi time—dey hear your wise word!
  8. Praise Baba-God your Oga becos he don favour you by putting you for hin king-chair as di pesin wey dey rule for Am! Becos of di way your God take love Israel to make dem stand gidigbam forever—he don make you as dia king so dat you go fit judge dem wit your church-mind, con rule wit justice.
  9. She give di king almost 5 tons of gold, plus plenty-plenty spices, and fine-fine-stones. No pesin don ever bring dat kain spices wey di Queen of  Sheba [Bilikisu Sunbgo] give King Solomon.
  10. Huram servants, wit Solomon servants, bring gold from Ophir, plus algum  woods and fine-fine-stones.
  11. Di king use di woods take make steps for Baba-God house and di king palace, and even music instruments wey get string [harps plus lyre] for di musicians. Notin bin dey like dem before for di land of Judah before dat time.
  12. King Solomon give di Bilikisu Sunbgo  [Queen of Sheba] everitin wey she ask for, even pass wetin she bring for am. Naso she komot go back to her own kontri wit her servants.

Solomon Too Much Moni plus Beta-beta-tins

13. Solomon dey colllect almost 23 tons of go ld everi year,

14. Apart from wetin he collect from di business-pipo and market-pipo. All di Arabian kings plus di govnors of di land still bring gold and silver come meet Solomon.

15. King Solomon make 200 big shields wit gold, Everi single one of dem weigh reach 3 kilograms of gold.

16. He still make 300 small shields wit gold. Everi single one of dem weigh reach 2 kg of gold. Di king put dem for di Palace of di  Forest of Lebanon.

17. Di king make big king-chair wey dem design wit ivory, and dem cover  am wit pure gold.

18. Na six steps dem dey use take climb up to di king-chair, and one gold stool gum-join di king-chair. Di king-chair get two place to rest hand put, wit statue of two lions wey dey stand for di two sides.

19. Twelve statues of lions nahin dey for di six steps, one lion for everi end of everi step. Notin dey like dat for any oda kingdom.

20. Na gold dem use take make all King Solomon cups, and dem use pure  gold take make all di properties for inside di Palace of Lebanon Forest. Dem no use silver take make anytin, becos silver no really get value for Solomon time.

21. Di king even get some ships wey dey move go Tarshish wit Huram servants. Once everi three years di ships dey bring

gold, silver, ivory, apes, plus peacocks.

22. King Solomon get moni well-well and he wise pass any oda king for di  earth.

23. All di kings of di earth wan even visit Solomon, to hear hin wisdom wey Baba-God put inside hin heart.

24. Year afta year, visitors bring dia gifts; tins wey dem make wit silver, gold, clothes, weapons, spices, horses, and mules.

25. Solomon get 4,000 stores for hin horses plus hin horse-moto, wit 12,000 horse-riders. He put dem for cities wey he dey keep dem, and wit di king for Jerusalem.

26. He rule all di kingdoms from River Euphrates go reach di land of di Philistines—and far-far go reach di border of Egypt.

27. Di king make silver plenty well-well like stones for Jerusalem; evensef cedar trees con brekete like sycamore fig trees for di lowlands.

28. Solomon still buy more-more horses from Egypt and from all di lands.

As King Solomon Take Kpeme

29. Di rest of di tins wey happun as Solomon be king, from starting to ending, dem write dem for; di Book of Nathan di Prophet, and for inside di Prophecy of Ahijah di Shilonite, plus di book of di Vision  of Iddo di Prophet  about Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat.

30. Solomon rule all Israel, from Jerusalem for forty years.

31. So Solomon kpeme, and dem bury am for di city of hin papa David. Naso hin son Rehoboam take hin position as king.


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