2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 18

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Micaiah Warn Ahab

  1. Jehoshaphat get moni and levels well-well, and dem respect am  well-well sef. He con make agreement wit Ahab wit marriage,
  2. and afta some years he go visit Ahab for Samaria. Naso Ahab kill plenty sheep plus malu for Jehoshaphat and di pipo wey follow am come. He whyne am to join am to go attack Ramoth Gilead.
  3. King Ahab of Israel con tell Jehoshaphat sey, “You go follow me go attack Ramoth Gilead?” Jehoshaphat con ansa di king of Israel, “Me and  you na di same tin, and your pipo na my pipo. I go support you; my army go follow you go fight war.”
  4. Jehoshaphat still tell Ahab sey, “Abeg first ask from Baba-God.”
  5. So di king of Israel gada 400 prophets, con ask dem sey, “Abi make we attack Ramoth Gilead or not? Naso dem ansa am, “Attack! Baba-God go put Ramoth Gilead for di king hand.”
  6. But Jehoshaphat con ask, “E no get anoda of Baba-God prophet wey still dey for here, so dat we go fit ask from am?”
  7. Naso di king of Israel ansa Jehoshaphat sey, “E still get one man wey we  fit ask about Baba-God. But I no like am, becos he no dey prophesy beta tin for me, but na so-so wahala. Hin name na Micaiah wey be di son of Imlah. Jehoshaphat con tok sey, “ Make di king no tok dat kain tin!”
  8. So di king of Israel call one officer, con tell am sey, “Quick-quick go bring Micaiah, wey be di son of Imlah.”
  9. Naso di king of Israel plus King Jehoshaphat of Judah con sidon for dia own king-chair, and dem wear king cloth, for di harvest ground, for di doormot of di gate of Samaria. All di prophets con dey prophesy for dia front.
  10. Zedekiah wey be di son of Kenaanah use iron take make horns, con tok sey, “Baba-God tok sey, you go use dis tin take shuuk di pipo of Syria until you finish dem kpatakpata.”
  11. All di prophets con dey prophesy di same tin, dem tok sey, “Attack Ramoth Gilead! You go succeed; Baba-God go put di place for di king hand!”
  12. Naso di messenger wey go call Micaiah, con tell am sey, “See, di prophets dey prophesy di same tin—sey di king go succeed. Make you tok di same tin wey dem dey tok—and tok wetin go favour dem.
  13. But Micaiah tok sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, I go tok wetin my God tell me to tok!”
  14. So Micaiah come meet di king, and di king ask am sey, “Micaiah, make we attack Ramoth Gilead or not?” So he ansa am, “Attack! You  go succeed; dem go fall for your hand.”
  15. Naso di king tell am sey, “How many times must I make you swear wit Baba-God name sey you go tell me only di truth?”
  16. Micaiah con ansa am, “I see all Israel scata for di mountains like sheep wey no get shepherd. Baba-God con tell me sey, ‘Dem no get Oga. Make dem dey go house wit peace.’”
  17. So di king of Israel tell Jehoshaphat sey, “Shebi I tell you, he no dey  prophesy beta tin for me, but only wahala?”
  18. Micaiah con tok sey, “So make una hear Baba-God word: I see Baba- God dey sidon for hin king-chair, wit all di armies [angels] of heaven wey dey stand for hin right plus hin left.
  19. And Baba-God tok sey, ‘Who go whyne King Ahab of Israel, so he go attack Ramoth Gilead, con kpeme for there?’ One tok one tin, anoda  one tok anoda tin.
  20. Naso one spirit waka come front, con stand for front of Baba-God. He tok sey, ‘I go whyne am.’ Baba-God con ask am sey, ‘How?’
  21. So he ansa Baba-God, ‘I go go out to be spirit of lie-lie for di mouth of di prophets.’ So Baba-God tok sey, ‘You go whyne am and you go succeed; go, make you go do am.’
  22. So now, see, Baba-God don put spirit of lie-lie for di mouths of all dis your prophets, but Baba-God don already tok sey na wahala go meet you.”
  23. Zedekiah wey be di son of Chenaanah con waka come near, and he nack Micaiah for hin jaw, con tok sey, “Which way Baba-God spirit pass wen he komot from me to follow you tok?”
  24. Micaiah con ansa am sey, “See, you go see, on dat day wen you go run enta your room wey dey for inside, to hide.
  25. Den di king of Israel tok sey, “Carry Micaiah go meet Amon wey be di  govnor of di city and to Joash wey be di king son.
  26. And tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin di king dey tok: “Put dis man for inside  prison. Give am only small food and small water until I come back wit  peace.”’”
  27. So Micaiah tok sey, “Dat one na if you true-true come back alive, dat mean sey Baba-God no tok tru me!” He con still tok sey, “Make all of una mark my words.”

Ahab Kpeme For War

28. So di king of Israel and King Jehoshaphat of Judah, con attack Ramoth Gilead.

29. Di king of Israel tell Jehoshaphat sey, “I go disguise mysef, con enta di fight, but make you wear your king cloth.” So di king of Israel disguise hinsef and dem enter di fight.

30. Now di king of Syria bin tell di commanders of hin horse-moto sey, “Make una no fight ordinary sojas or top officers; fight only di king of  Israel!”

31. Wen di commanders of di horse-moto see Jehoshaphat, dem tok sey, “Na di king of Israel be dat!” So dem surround am, con attack am, but  Jehoshaphat pray, and Baba-God epp am; con carry dem komot from hin side.

32. Wen di commanders of di horse-moto notice sey he no be di king of Israel, dem turn komot from am.

33. Now one soja just shoot arrow go any where hin belle face, and di arrow hit di king of Israel between di joint of hin fighting-cloth. So he tell di driver of  hin horse-moto sey, “Dem don wound me, turn round make you carry me komot from di fight.”

34. Di fight con hot more-more tru-out di day, di king of Israel support hinsef and he no gree fall for hin horse-moto opposite di Syrians. He die for evening as di sun dey go down.


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