Exra Chapter 3

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Dem Build Di Altar Again

  1. Wen di seventh month reach and di pipo of Israel don settle down for dia cities, naso di pipo gada togeda wit one mind—come Jerusalem.
  2. Naso Jeshua wey be dis son of Jozadak stand up, wit hin fellow priests, plus Zerubbabel wey be di son of Shealtiel and hin brodas, con start to build di altar of Baba-God of Israel—to sacrifice burnt offerings on am, based-on wetin dem write for di Law of Moses wey be man of God.
  3. Even though dem dey fear di pipo of di kontris wey dey around dem, dem build di altar for e foundation, con sacrifice burnt offerings for di altar to Baba-God, both morning plus evening sacrifice.
  4. Den based-on wetin dem write, dem celebrate di Festival of Tent, and dem offer di numba of burnt offering wey dem suppose offer everi single day, based-on tradition.
  5. Afta dat, dem bring di normal burnt offering, di New Moon sacrifices, plus di sacrifices for all di holy Festival of Baba-God, plus those pipo wey bring free-mind offering to Baba-God.
  6. On di first day of di seventh month, dem start to dey offer burnt offering to Baba-God, even though dem neva lay di foundation of Baba-God house.

Dem Build Baba-God House Again

7. Dem give moni to di stone-workers, and carpenters, and dem bring cedar woods from di pipo of Tyre and Sidon. Dem still pay di Tyre plus Sidon—wit food, plus drinks and ororo. So dem bring di woods from Lebanon, and dem float dem come from di Mediterranean Sea go Joppa, just as king Cyrus of Persia tell dem to do.

8. On di second month of di second year afta dem reach Baba-God house for Jerusalem, Zerubbabel wey be di son of Shealtiel, Jeshua wey be di son of Jozadak, plus di rest of dia brodas (di priests plus di Levites and all di pipo wey come back from di pipo wey dem catch komot from Jerusalem) con start di work, dem choose Levites wey be from twenty years old go up—to supervise di building of Baba-God house.

9. Jeshua and hin sons, plus hin brodas, and Kadmiel and hin sons (di sons of Judah) along wit di sons of Henadad and dia sons and brodas wey be Levites—all of dem follow supervise di pipo wey dey work for Baba-God house.

10. Wen di builders lay di foundation of Baba-God house, di priests wear dia priest-cloth and dem take dia position to blow dia trumpets. And di Levites, wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Asaph nack dia cymbals to praise Baba-God, just as king David bin tell dem to do.

11. Wit praise plus tanksgiving nahin dem take sing to Baba-God as some of dem dey ansa wit backup: “Becos he good and he dey sorry-for Israel forever.” And all di pipo con shout well-well wit praise to Baba-God, becos dem don lay di foundation of Baba-God house.

12. But plenty of di old priests plus di Levites and family leaders wey bin see di Baba-God old house, con dey cry loud cry wen dem see sey dem don set di foundation of Baba-God house, as many odas shout wit celebration;

13. sote no pesin fit separate di sound of happiness from di sound of crying, becos di pipo make noise well-well, and pipo con dey hear dia noise from far-far.


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