Exra Chapter 4

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Badbelle Pipo No Want Make Dem Build Baba-God House

  1. Wen di enemies of Judah and Benjamin—hear sey di pipo wey dem carry komot don come back to Israel and dem don dey build Baba-God house, di God of Israel,
  2. Dem come meet Zerubbabel plus di leaders of di families, con tell dem sey, “Make we epp una build, becos just like una, we dey fyne una God and we don dey sacrifice to am since di time of Esarhaddon wey be di king of Assyria, wey carry us come here.”
  3. But Zerubabbel, Jeshua and di rest of di leaders of di families of Israel ansa dem sey, “Una no fit join us to build house for awa God. Na only us go build am for Baba-God, di God of Israel, as King Cyrus di king of Persia don command us.”
  4. Naso di pipo wey dey around dem con try to make di pipo of Judah lose moral, and dem cos wahala for di pipo of Judah as dem dey build.
  5. Dem pay pipo to work against dem and to spoil dia plan, even tru-out di time of Cyrus wey be di King of Persia, and  reach wen  Darius be di king of Persia.

Di Letter To Artaxerxes

6. For di starting of wen Artaxerxes be king, dem carry mata put for di pipo of Judah and Jerusalem.

7. And for di days of Artaxerxes wey be di King of Persia; Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabeel plus di rest of dia padi write letter to Artaxerxes. Dem write di letter wit Aramaic language and dem translate am for di king.

8. Rehum wey be di commander, plus Shimshai wey be di writer, write letter against Jerusalem—to Artaxerxes wey be di king:

9. Rehum wey be di commander, plus Shimshai wey be di writer, togeda wit di rest of dia padi—di Dinaites, di Apharsathchites, di Tarpelites, di Apharsites, di Archevites, di pipo of Babylon plus Shushan, di Dehavites, di Elamites,

10. plus di oda pipo wey di ogbonge and honorable Asnapper carry con settle for di city of Samaria and some oda place for di oda side of River Euphrates.

11. (Na dis be di letter wey dem send to am.)

               Di King, Artaxerxes

From your servants, di men of di west side of River Euphrates:

12. We wan make di King know sey di Jews wey come here to Jerusalem from Babylon dey build dis rebel and evil city. Dem don already repair di foundations and dem go soon finish di walls.

13. Make di king know sey if dem build di city and di wall again, e no go favour you, becos di Jews no go gree pay di tax to you again.

14. “Since we dey receive support from di palace, e no make-sense if we see any pesin dis-respect di king like dis, nahin make us send message to di king, to let am know wetin dey sup (to let am sabi wetin dey happun).

15. We wan make you check di history of your ancestors, na for there you go see di kain rebels wey dis city be before-before. Evensef, di city scata becos e don tey wey dem dey get wahala wit di kings and di kontris wey dey control dem.

16. We dey tell di king sey if dem build dis city and dem build di walls again, e mean sey you no go get anytin for di oda side of River Euphrates.

17. So di king send dis ansa:

To Rehum wey be di commander, Shilshai wey be di writer, and di rest of dia padi wey dey stay for Samaria and oda place for di oda side of River Euphrates.


18. Dem don read di letter for me—wey una send to us.

19. I sey make dem check di book of history, and I see sey e don tey wey Jerusalem don true-true dey fight against di king, and to fight against govment na dia normal life!

20. Jerusalem don get kings wey get pawa wey rule di area for di oda side of River Euphrates, and pipo pay taxes, gifts and shares to dem.

21. Now send your words to dis men, make dem stop di work, so dat dem no go build dis city until I tell dem to kontinu.

22. Make una dey careful so dat una no go fashi dis mata. Why gbege go dey grow—sote e go con affect di king?

23. As dem read di letter from king Astaxerxes—to Rehum plus Shimshai wey be di writer, and dia oda padi; naso dem go meet di Jews sharply for inside Jerusalem, con use gragra make dem stop di work.

24. So di work  for Baba-God house for Jerusalem con stop, until di second year wen King Darius be di King of Persia.


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