Ezra Chapter 2

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Di Names of Di Pipo Wey Survive—Wey Come Back

  1. Now, na dis be di pipo of di territories, wey enemies catch, wey come back from foreign land, wey Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon bin carry as slaves enta Babylon (dem come back to Jerusalem plus Judah, everi one of dem to dia own town.
  2. Di pipo wey follow Zerubbabel na; Jeshua, Nehemaih, Sereniah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum and Baanah): Di numbas of di men of di pipo of Israel:
  3. Di family of Parosh 2,172.
  4. Di family of Shephatiah na 372.
  5. Di family of Arah na 775.
  6. Di family of Pahath-Moab (tru di line of Jeshua plus Joab) na 2812.
  7. Di family of Elam na 1,254.
  8. Di family of Zattu na 945.
  9. Di family of Zaccai na 760.
  10. Di family of Bani na 642.
  11. Di family of Bebai na 623.
  12. Di family of Azgad na 1,222.
  13. Di family of Adonikam na 666.
  14. Di family of Bigvai na 2,056.
  15. Di family of Adin na 454.
  16. Di family of Ater (tru Hezekaih) na 98.
  17. Di family of Bezai na 323.
  18. Di family of Jorah na 112.
  19. Di family of Hashum na 223.
  20. Di family of Gibbar na 95.
  21. Di family of Bethlehem na 123.
  22. Di pipo of Netophah na 56.
  23. Di pipo of Anathoth na 128.
  24. Di pipo of Azmaveth na 42.
  25. Di pipo of Kiriathje-arim, Kephirah plus Beeroth na 743.
  26. Di pipo of Ramah plus Geba na 621.
  27. Di men of Micmash na 122.
  28. Di men of Bethel plus Ai na 223.
  29. Di pipo of Nebo na 52.
  30. Di pipo of Magbish na 156.
  31. Di pikin-pikin-pikin of di oda Elam na 1,254.
  32. Di pipo of Harim na 320.
  33. Di pipo of Lod, Hadid plus Ono na 725.
  34. Di pipo of Jericho na 345.
  35. Di pipo of of Senaah na 3,630.
  36. Di priests: Di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jedaiah (tru di family of Jeshua) na 973.
  37. Di sons of Immer na 1,052.
  38. Di sons of Pashhur na 1,247.
  39. Di sons of Harim na 1,017.
  40. Di Levites: Di family of Jeshua and Kadmiel (tru di line of Hodaviah) na 74.
  41. Di singers: Di family of Asaph na 128.
  42. Di guards of Baba-God house: Di families of Shallum, Ater, Talmon, Akkub, Hatita plus Shobai na 139.
  43. Di servants for Baba-God House (Nethinims): Di pikin-pikin-pikin of: Ziha, Hassupha, Tabbaoth,
  44. Keros, Siaha, Padon,
  45. Lebanah, Hagabah, Akkub,
  46. Hagab, Shalmai, Hanan,
  47. Giddel, Gahar, Reaiah,
  48. Rezin, Nekoda, Gazzam,
  49. Uzza, Paseah, Besai,
  50. Asnah, Meunim, Nephussim,
  51. Baknuk, Hakupha, Harsha,
  52. Barkos, Sisera, Temah,
  53. Bazluth, Mehida, Harsha,
  54. Neziah plus Hatipha.
  55. Di pikin-pikin-pikin of di servants of Solomon: Di pikin-pikin-pikin of: Sotai, Hassophereth, Peruda,
  56. Jaala, Darkon, Giddel,
  57. Shephatiah, Hattil, Pokereth-Hazzebaim, plus Ami.
  58.  Di servants of Baba-God house (Nethinims), plus di pikin of Solomon servants na 392.
  59. Dis pipo come out from di towns of Tel-Mmlah, Tel-harsha, Kerub, Addon plus Immer, but dem no sabi dia papa house, or which pesin pikin-pikin-pikin dem be, or whether dem come from Israel:
  60. From di pikin-pikin-pikin of: Delaiah, Tobiah plus Nekoda na 652.
  61. And among di families of di priests: Di pikin-pikin-pikin of: Hobaiah, Hakkoz plus Barzillai (na man wey marry di daughter of Barzillai di Gileadite, and he con dey ansa dia name.)
  62. All dis pipo fyne dia family history, but dem no fit see dem, so dem komot dem from di priest as pipo wey no clean.
  63. Di govnor tell dem sey make dem no chop any holy food, until priest dey wey fit ask Baba-God about matas—by using di Urim plus Thummim.
  64. Di whole pipo na 42,360,
  65. apart from dia men servants plus dia woman servants wey be 7,337; and dem get 200 men plus women singers.
  66. Dem get 736 horses, wit dia mules, 245,
  67. 435 camels, plus 6720 donkeys.
  68. Wen dem reach Baba-God house for inside Jerusalem, some of di leaders of di families give free-mind offering make dem take build Baba-God house again for e site.
  69. Based-on wetin dem fit give, dem give di bank 500 killograms of gold—for di work, 500 kilograms of silver, plus 100 clothes for di priests.
  70. Di priests , di Levites, di singers, di guards, plus di servants for Baba-God house (Nethinims)—con settle down for dia own cities, and di rest of di pipo of Israel settle down for dia own cities.


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