Ezra Chapter 5

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Tattenai Letter To Darius

  1. Now Haggai wey be prophet and Zechariah wey be prophet—son of Iddo, con prophesy to di Jews wey dey for Judah plus Jerusalem in di name of Baba-God of Israel, wey dey over dem.
  2. Naso Zerubbabel wey be di son of Shealtiel plus Jeshua wey be di son of Jozadak, start work to build Baba-God house for Jerusalem. And Baba-God prophets of dey wit dem.
  3. Around dat time Tattenai, govnor of di oda side of River Euphrates, plus Shethar-Bozenai plus dia padi go meet dem con ask, “Who tell una sey make una build dis house and build di wall?”
  4. Dem still ask, “Wetin be di names of di men wey dey build?”
  5. But Baba-God eyes dey watch di senior-men of di Jews, and no pesin fit stop dem until dem carry di mata go meet Darius and he send letter tok wetin he decide.
  6. Na dis be di letter wey Tattenai, govnor of di oda side of River Euphrates, and Shethar-Bozenai, plus dia padi, di Persians—wey dey for di oda side of River Euphrates—send to King Darius.
  7. Na wetin di letter wey dem send tok: To King Darius: We wish you peace!
  8. Make di king know sey we go di area of Judah, to di house of di ogbonge God. Di pipo dey build am wit big-big stones and dem dey put big-woods for di walls. Dem dey do di work wit seriousness and di work dey move sharp-sharp for dia hands.
  9. We ask dia senior-men question, con ask dem sey, “Who tell una sey make una dey build Baba-God house and di walls?”
  10. We still ask for dia names, so dat we go fit write di names of di leaders, and come tell you.
  11. Na dis be di ansa wey dem give us: “We be servants of Baba-God of heaven plus earth, and we dey build Baba-God house again, wey dem bin build plenty years before, di house wey one ogbonge king of Israel build, con finish am.
  12. But becos awa papa-papa-papa make Baba-God of heaven vex, he carry dem give Nebuchadnezzar di Chaldean, wey be di king of Babylon, wey scata Baba-God house, con carry di pipo go Babylon.
  13. “But for di first year of Cyrus wey be king of Babylon, King Cyrus write new law so dat we go fit build Baba-God house again.
  14. He even komot from di shrine of Babylon—di gold plus silver tins of Baba-God house wey Nebuchadnezzar bin carry from Baba-God house for Jerusalem, con carry am put for inside di shrine for Babylon. Naso King Cyrus give dem to one man wey dem dey call Sheshbazzar, wey he make to be govnor,
  15. And he tell am sey, ‘Take dis tins and make you go put dem for Baba-God house for Jerusalem. And make you build Baba-God house again for where e bin dey before.’
  16.  So dis Sheshbazzar come, con lay di foundation of Baba-God house for inside Jerusalem. From dat day till today—dem dey build am, but den neva finish am.”
  17. Now if e go make di king happy, make di king look inside di history books of Babylon to see if King Cyrus true-true give orders make dem build Baba-God house again for inside Jerusalem. Den make di king send us wetin he decide about dis mata.


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