Ezra Chapter 6

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Di Order of King Darius

  1. So king Darius make order, and dem check di store where dem dey keep di important documents of Babylon.
  2. Naso dem see one book for di palace of Achmetha, for di territory of di Medes, and na wetin dem write inside di book be dis:
  3. For di first year of king Cyrus, di king give order about Baba-God house for Jerusalem: ‘Make dem build Baba-God house again—to give sacrifice, and make dem lay di foundations strong. Make e high reach ninety feet high, con wide reach nine feet,
  4. wit three layers of heavy stones and one layer of big-wood. Na di Palace Bank go pay for am.
  5. Make dem return di silver and gold cups plus oda tins wey king Nebuchadnezzar bin carry go Babylon from Baba-God house for Jerusalem, and make dem put dem back for where dem suppose dey. Make dem carry dem go back to Baba-God house.”
  6. So now, make Tattenai, govnor of di oda side of River Euphrates, and Shethar-Bozenai and your padi, di Apharsachites wey dey for di oda side of di river—no near there.
  7. Make una no go disturb di work for Baba-God house. Make di govnor of di Jews and di leaders of di Jews build Baba-God house for where e suppose dey.
  8. And I dey make law now about wetin una go do for di senior-men of di Jews as dem dey build Baba-God house. Di moni for di work go be from di king bank—from di tax moni of di oda side of River Euprates, so dat di work no go stop.
  9. Anytin wey dem need; small-malu, rams, and lambs for burnt offerings to di God of heaven, plus wheat, salt, wine plus ororo—wey di priest ask for, for Jerusalem—dem must give am everi day,
  10. So dat dem go offer sacrifices wit nice scent for Baba-God of heaven, con pray sey make e beta for di king and hin sons.
  11. Evensef, any pesin wey break dis law, make dem komot di big-wood wey dey support hin house, con use am take hang am, and make hin house turn to kpafuka for ground like dirty—becos of dis tin.
  12. Make Baba-God wey don make hin name stay for there, overthrow any king or pipo wey carry dia hand to change dis law or scata Baba-God house for Jerusalem. Me—Darius don make dis law. Make dem do am sharp-sharp.

As Dem Take Complete Baba-God House, Con Bless Am

13. So becos of di law wey King Darius send, Tattenai wey be di govnor of dis side of River Euphrates, plus Shethar-Bozenai and all dia padi, con sharp-sharp do wetin di king tok.

14. So di senior-men of di Jews kontinu to build, con prosper tru di prophecy of Haggai di prophet plus Zechariah wey be di son of Iddo. Naso dem build Baba-God house, con finish am based-on di command of Baba-God of Israel and di law of King Cyrus, Darius, plus Artaxerxes—wey be kings of Persia.

15. Dem complete Baba-God house on di third day of di month of Adar, for di sixth year wen Darius be king.

16. Naso di pipo of Israel—di priests, di Levites, and di rest pipo wey come back from foreign land—celebrate di opening ceremony of Baba-God house wit happiness.

17. For di opening ceremony of Baba-Gog house, dem offer 100 malu, 200 rams, 400 lambs; and 12 he-goats for sin offering for all di pipo of Israel, one for everi single tribe of Israel.

18. Dem organize di priests plus di Levites for dia groups, to serve for Baba-God house for Jerusalem, based-on wetin Moses write for hin book.

Di Paasover

19. On di fourteenth day of di first month, di pipo wey come back from foreign land celebrate di Passover.

20. Di priests plus di Levites clean demsef and dem con dey spiritually clean. Di Levites kill di animals for di Passover sacrifices for all di pipo wey come back, for di priests, and for demsef.

21. So di pipo of Israel wey come back from foreign land chop—togeda wit all di oda pipo wey dey for di land, wey don separate demsef from all di yao-yao traditions wey no clean—from di pipo of di land wey dey around dem—so dat dem go fit fyne Baba-God of Israel.

22. Dem celebrate di Festival of Bread wit no yeast—for seven days wit happiness, becos Baba-God don make dem brekete wit happiness, con turn di heart of di king Assyria to favour dem, to epp dem for di work for Baba-God house, di God of Israel.


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