Ezra Chapter 7

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Ezra Come Jerusalem

  1. Afta dis tins, wen Artaxerxes be king of Persia, Ezra wey be di son of Seriaha, di son of Azariah, di son of Hilkiah,
  2. Di son of Shallum, di son of Zadok, di son of Meraioth,
  3. Di son of Amariah, di son of Azariah, di son of Meraioth,
  4. Di son of Zarahiha, di son of Uzzi, di son of Bukki,
  5. Di son of Abishua, di son of Phinehas, di son of Eleazar, di son of Aaron di chief priest—
  6. Dis Ezra komot from Babylon. Na writer, and teacher wey sabi di Law of Moses, law wey Baba-God, di God of Israel bin give am. Di king give am everitin wey he ask for, becos Baba-God hand dey on am.
  7. Some of di pipo of Israel—di priests, Levites, singers, gaurds, and di servants for Baba-God house (Nethinims)—come Jerusalem on di seventh year wey Artaxerxes be king.
  8. Ezra reach Jerusalem for di fifth month of di seventh year of di king.
  9. He start hin waka from Babylon on di first day of di month, and he reach Jerusalem on di first day of di fifth month, becos Baba-God hand of grace dey on am.
  10. Becos Ezra don prepare hin heart to follow Baba-God law, to do am, and to teach all di laws and words to di pipo of Israel.

King Artaxerxes Letter To Ezra

11. Na dis be di letter wey King Artaxerxes give Ezra wey be priest and writer, man wey sabi di law, con teach di law of Baba-God of Israel.

Artaxerxes di king of kings,

To Ezra di priest, and teacher of di Law of Baba-God of heaven.


13. Now I don make law sey any of di pipo of Israel wey dey inside my kingdom, even di priests plus Levites wey wish to go Jerusalem wit you—fit dey go.

14. Na di king and hin seven advisers dey send you, to ask about Judah plus Jerusalem based-on di Law of your God, wey dey for your hand.

15. And make una carry silver plus gold follow body, wey di king and hin advisers don give di God of Israel, wey dey stay for Jerusalem—wit free-mind,

16. Togeda wit all di silver plus gold wey una fit get from di areas of Babylon, plus di free-mind offering of di pipo and di priests for Baba-God house for Jerusalem;

17. so dat you go fit sharply use dis moni take buy small-malu, rams, and lambs, togeda wit all dia seed offering plus drink offerings, con sacrifice dem for di altar of Baba-God house for Jerusalem.

18. You and una Jews brodas fit do anytin wey una feel sey be di best tin to do wit di silver plus gold, based-on di wish of Baba-God.

19. As for all di cups and tins wey dem put for your hand, wey dem dey use for di service of di house of Baba-God, con take dem go Baba-God house for Jerusalem.

20. And anytin else wey una need for Baba-God house, una fit pay for am from di Palace bank.

21. Now, me, king Artaxerxes, dey order all di treasurers for di oda side of di River, to give anytin sharp-sharp, wey Ezra need–Ezra wey be priest and teacher of di Law of di God of Heaven.

22. Up to 3.4 tons of silver, hundred 10 tons of wheat, 2,000 liters of wine, 2,000 liters of ororo, plus plenty-plenty salt wey dem no measure.

23. Anytin wey di God of heaven tok sey dem need—make dem do am wit seriousness for Baba-God of heaven house, and make sure sey Baba-God no vex for me di king and hin sons.

24. Una no get any right to say make dem pay tax—di priests, Levites, musicians, guards, workers (Nethinims), or any oda pesin wey connect to Baba-God house.

25. And you, Ezra, based-on di wisdom of your God wey dey for your hand, choose govnors and judges wey go lead all di pipo for di oda side of River Euphrates, wey dey live by di law of your God. You must teach dat Law to any pesin wey no sabi am.

26. Any pesin wey no gree obey di law of your God and di law of di king, una must judge dat pesin sharply; whether na punishment of death, to pursue di pesin komot, sieze hin properties, or to put am for prison.

27. Praise be to Baba-God, di God of awa papa-papa-papa, wey don put dis kain tin for inside di king heart—to make Baba-God house for inside Jerusalem fine like dis,

28. And wey don stretch hin good favor to me for front of di king, hin advisers, and all di king strong princes. Naso I con get pawa, becos Baba-God my Oga hand dey on me. So I gada all di leaders of Israel to follow me go Jerusalem.


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