Ezra Chapter 8

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Names of Di Family Leaders Wey Come Back Wit Ezra

  1. Dis na di names of leaders of di families wey follow me from Babylon wen Artaxerxes be king:
  2. From di family of Phinehas—Gershom. From di family of Ithamar—Daniel. From di family of David—Hattush,
  3. wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Shecanaiah—from di family of Parosh—Zechariah, and 150 men dey wit am.
  4. From di family of Pahath-moab—Eliehoenai wey be son of Zerahiah, and 200 men dey wit am;
  5. From di family of Zatu—Shecanaih wey be di son of Jahazial, and 300 men dey wit am;
  6. From di family of Adin—Ebed wey be di son of Jonathan, and 50 men dey wit am.
  7. From di family of Elam—Jeshaiah wey be di son of Athaliah, and 70 men dey wit am.
  8. From di family of Shephatiah—Zebadiah wey be di son of Micheal, and 80 men dey wit am.
  9. From di family of Joab—Obadiah wey be di son of Jehiel, and 218 men dey wit am;
  10. From di family of Bani—Shelomith wey be di son of Josiphiah, and 160 men dey wit am.
  11. From di family of Bebai—Zechariah wey be di son of Bebai, and 28 men dey wit am.
  12. From di family of Azgad—Jonathan wey be di son of Hakkatan, and 110 men dey wit am.
  13. From di family of Adonikam, wey come lata; Eliphelet, Jeuel plus Shemaiah, and 60 men dey wit dem;
  14. From di family of Bigvai—Uthai plus Zazzur, and 70 men dey wit dem.

Servants For Baba-God House

15. I gada dem near di river wey dey flow go Ahava, and we stay for there for three days. Wen I check among di pipo and di priests, I no see any of di sons of Levit for there.

16. So I call di leaders: Eliezer, Ariel, Shemaiah, Elnathan, Jarib, Elnathan, Nathan, Zechariah plus Meshullam; and even Joiarib and Elnatan—men wey get understanding.

17. So I send dem go meet Iddo wey be di leader of di Levites for Casiphia. I tell dem to tell Iddo di chief, and hin family-pipo, di servants (di Nethinims) of Baba-God house; sey make dem send ministers to us for Baba-God house wey dey for Jerusalem.

18. Becos Baba-God hand of grace dey on us, dem bring Sherebiah come meet us, wit hin 18 sons and brodas. Sherebiah na man wey get understanding, from di pikin-pikin-pikin of Mahli wey be di son of Levi, di son of Israel;

19. And Hashabiah, togeda wit Jeshiaha from di pikin-pikin-pikin of Merari, and hin broda plus hin nephews, 20 men.

20. Dem still bring 220 of di servants of Baba-God house (di Nethinims); di servants of Baba-God house dey epp di Levites—dem be group of pipo wey dey work for Baba-God house and na David and hin princes first choose dem. Dem write all of dia names.

21. For there, near di river of Ahava, I tok sey make we fast, so dat we go fit humble awasef for awa God, con ask am for safe journey for us and for all awa pikin, plus all awa properties.

22. Shame catch me to ask di king for sojas plus horse-riders to guard us from enemies for road, becos we bin tell di king sey, “Baba-God hand of grace dey on everi pesin wey dey follow am, but hin serious vex dey on di pipo wey fashi am.”

23. So we fast, con ask Baba-God to guard us, and he ansa awa prayers.

24. So I separate twelve of di priests wey be leaders, togeda wit Sherebiah, Hashabiah plus ten of awa brodas,

25. to dey in charge of moving di silver, gold, di gold bowls, plus oda tins wey di king, hin advisers, hin officials plus all di pipo of Israel wey dey for there—bin bring for Baba-God house.

26. I even weigh 24 tons of silver for dem, and silver properties wey weight about 4,300 kg, plus gold wey weigh about 4,300 kg;

27. Plus 20 golds wey cost reach 1,000  gold coins; and two stuff wey dem make wit bronze  wey dey shine—e con get pure like gold.

28. I con tell dem sey, “Una plus all dis tins holy for Baba-God. Di silver, plus di gold na free-mind offering to Baba-God, di God of una papa-papa-papa.

29. Guard dem well until you weigh dem for di rooms of Baba-God house for, for front of di chief priests plus di Levites, and di leaders of di families of Israel.”

30. Naso di priests plus di Levites receive di silver plus gold and di holy tins wey dem don weigh, and wey dem wan carry go Baba-God house for Jerusalem.

31. On di twelfth day of di first month, we move from River of Ahava, to go Jerusalem. Baba-God hand con dey on us, and he guard us from awa enemies and robbers wey dey for road.

32. So we reach Jerusalem where we con rest for there for three days.

33. On di fouth day, for inside Baba-God house, we weigh di silver plus gold and di holy tins wit Meremoth wey keep dem, wey be di son of Uriah di priest. Eleazar wey be di son of Phinehas dey wit am, and even di Levites Jozabad wey be di son of Jeshua plus Noadiah wey be di son of Binnui.

34. We give account for everitin wit dia numbas plus dia weight, and dem write di whole weight dat time.

35. Naso di pipo wey enemies bin carry go foreign land, wey come back, con sacrifice burnt offering to di God of Israel; twelve small-malu, ninety-six rams, seventy-seven lambs, plus twelve he-goat for sin offering. All dis na offering wey dem burn for Baba-God.

36. Dem still deliver di king message to di senior officers plus di govnors of di territory of west of di Euphrates River, wey con cooperate by supporting di pipo and Baba-God house.


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