Ezra Chapter 9

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    To Marry Foreigners

  1. Now wen all dis tins happun, di princes come meet me, con tok sey, “Di pipo of Israel plus di priests, and di Levites neva separate demsef from di foreigners wey dey around us—wit dia mumu tradition, like di Canaanites, Hittites, Perizites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians and Amorites.
  2. Dem don carry some of dia women as dia wives for demsef and dia sons, and dem don mix di holy blood wit di pipo dey dey around dem. Di leaders plus di princes nahin do dis error pass.
  3. So I tear my cloth wen I hear dis tin, I drag di hair komot from my head and bear-bear, con sidon wit shock.
  4. Naso everi pesin wey dey fear di word of Baba-God of Israel gada round me, becos of di sin wey di pipo wey dem catch go foreign land—don commit, as I sidon for there wit shock until di evening sacrifice.

Ezra Prayer of Confession

5. Den for di evening sacrifice, I stand up from my sadness wit all my clothes wey don tear. I kneel down con raise my hand up to Baba-God my Oga.

6. I con tok sey, “Kai my God, shame plus disgrace dey catch me well-well to face you, my God, becos awa sins don high pass awa heads and awa sins don high reach di heavens.

7. From di days of awa papa-papa-papa till now, awa sins burku. Becos of awa sins, we and awa kings plus awa priests don fall enta di kings of di lands, we don die by sword and slavery. Dem don catch us, kill us rob us and even disgrace us—just as we dey today.

8. “But now wey Baba-God awa Oga don show us grace small by leaving some pipo wey survive. He don give us nail (to hold tight), for hin holy place so dat Baba-God go put light for awa eyes, con free us small as slaves.

9. Even though we be slaves, awa God neva leave us inside awa chains. He don show us kindness for di eyes of di kings of Persia: He don ginger us to build Baba-God house again, and repair di parts wey don kpafuka, and to give us wall to protect us for Jerusalem and Judah.

10. “But now, oh awa God, wetin we fit tok afta dis? Becos we don fashi your laws,

11. Wey you give tru your servants di prophets wen you tok sey, “Di land wey una dey enta to claim, na land wey don spoil wit di corruption of di pipo. From corner to corner, dem don spoil di land wit di bad-bad-tins wey dem dey do.

12. So make una no give una daughters for marriage to dia sons, or take dia daughters for una sons. Make una no ever promote peace and prosperity for those nations. If una follow dis words, una go strong and una go enjoy di beta tins wey dey for di land, con leave dis beta-beta-tins for una pikin—as dia property forever.’

13. “Wetin don happun to us na becos of di evil tins wey we do, and awa big-big sins, but awa God, you no punish us reach di bad-bad-tins wey we do, and you make some of awa pipo survive like dis.

14. Abi we go con break your law again, con dey marry wit di pipo wey do all those mumu traditions? Abi you no go vex reach for you to scata us, and you no go make any pesin survive or remain?

15. Oh Baba-God, God of Israel, you get pure-heart! We dey today as pipo wey survive. Na here we dey for your front, inside awa sins, even though no single one of us fit stand for your front becos of am.”


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