Ezra Chapter 1

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  Cyrus Epp di Remaining Pipo Come Back

  1. On di first year of Cyrus wey be di king of Persia; so dat Baba-God word go come to pass wey Jeremiah tok, Baba-God move di heart of Cyrus wey be di king of Persia—to make law tru-out hin kingdom, and to write am down:
  2. Dis na wetin Cyrus di king of Persia tok: ‘Baba-God, di God of heaven don give me all di kingdoms of di earth, and he don choose me to build house for am for Jerusalem inside Judah.
  3. Who dey among all hin pipo? Make hin God dey wit am, and make he go Jerusalem for inside Judah, con build Baba-God  house, di God of Israel, di God wey dey inside Jerusalem.
  4. And any Jews pesin wey survive for any place—make di pipo of dat place give am silver plus gold, wit tins  different tin, plus animals, and wit offerings wey dem go give from dia free-mind for Baba-God house wey dey for Jerusalem.’ ”
  5. Naso di leaders of di families of Judah plus Benjamin, plus di priests and di Levites, wit everi pesin wey Baba-God don move dia heart—con prepare to go build Baba-God house for inside Jerusalem.
  6. All dia neighbours epp dem wit gold and silver, wit tins and animals, and wit beta-beta gifts, to add-join all di tins wey dem give wit free-mind.
  7. Evensef  King Cyrus bring out tins wey belong to Baba-God house, wey Nebuchadnezzar bin carry from Jerusalem and wey he put inside di house of hin gods.
  8. Cyrus di king of Persia sey make Mithredath wey be di treasurer carry dem come—he count dem give Sheshbazzar wey be di prince of Judah.
  9. Na di numbas be dis: 30 gold plates, 1,000 silver plates, and 29 silver knives,
  10. 30 gold basins, 410 silver basins wey resemble demsef, plus 1,000 oda tins.
  11.  Everitin na 5,400 gold plus silver properties. Sheshbazzar carry all dis tins along wen di pipo wey survive—come back from Babylon to Jerusalem.


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