Nehemiah Chapter 1

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              Di Prayer of Nehemiah

  1. Dis na di words of Nehemiah wey be di son of Hacaliah: For di month of Kislev, for di twentieth year—wen I dey for Shushan, di palace.
  2. Hanani wey be one of my brodas, come wit some men of Judah, and I ask dem about di Jew pipo wey remain among di Jews wey escape—from among di pipo wey dem catch go foreign land, and about Jerusalem.
  3. Dem con tell me sey, “Di pipo wey survive from among di pipo wey dem carry go foreign land and wey don come back to di area—dey inside big wahala plus disgrace. Di wall of Jerusalem don break, and di gates don burn wit faya.”
  4. E con happun sey, wen I hear dis words, I sidon con dey cry. I cry and fast for some days, and I pray to Baba-God of heaven.
  5. I con tok sey, “Abeg you, oh Baba-God, Oga of heaven, di great and ogbonge God, wey dey keep hin agreement of love wit those pipo wey love am, and wey dey obey wetin he dey tok.
  6. Make your ears listen and make your eyes open to hear di prayer wey me your servant dey pray for your front, for day and night, for your servants—di pipo of Israel. And I dey confess di sins of di pipo of Israel—wey we don sin against you. Both me plus my papa house don commit sin.
  7. We don do bad-bad-tins against you. We no gree obey wetin you tell us to do, your laws plus your yarnings wey you give your servant Moses.
  8. “I dey beg you, remember di command wey you give your servant Moses sey, ‘If una turn komot from me, I go scata una among di nations,
  9. but if una turn to me, con obey wetin I tell una, even if una pipo wey go foreign land dey far-far, I go gada dem from there—con carry dem come di place wey I don choose for my name to stay.’
  10. “Dem be your servants and your pipo, wey you save wit your big pawa, and your strong hand.
  11. Oh Baba-God, I dey beg you, make your ears listen well-well to di prayer of your servant and to di prayers of your servants—wey like to dey respect your name. Biko, give your servant success today, and give am favour for front of dis king.” Na me sey serve di king wine.


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