Esther Chapter 1

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               Di King Komot Queen Vashti From Her Position

  1. E happun for di days of Ahasuerus, (dis Ahasuerus wey rule 127 states, from India to Africa.)
  2. Around dat time, king Ahasuerus reign from hin king-chair for hin palace of Shushan,
  3. And for di third year wey he dey reign, he con throw big party for all hin princes and rulers. Di military officers of Persia plus Media, di princes, and di leaders of di states dey for di party.
  4. For 180 days, he show di plenty-plenty beta-beta-tins wey dey inside hin kingdom, plus di finess, and levels as king.
  5. Wen di days reach, he con throw party for seven days, for one garden wey dey for inside di king palace—for all di pipo wey dey for di palace for Shushan—for both di ordinary pipo and di top men.
  6. Dem hang some blue plus white linen curtains for di garden, wey dem tie wit rope wey dem make wit fine linen plus purple—to silver rings and marble pillars; and di beds na gold plus silver, on top of floor wey dem design  wit red, blue, white, plus black marble.
  7. Dem serve di wine wit gold cup, everi single cup different from demsef and di royal wine brekete—to show sey di king get open-heart to give.
  8. Di king tok sey make dem allow everi pesin drink as dem like, becos di king tell di pipo wey dey serve drinks sey make dem serve everi pesin based-on wetin dem like.
  9. Queen Vashti sef throw party for all di women for inside di royal palace of King Ahasuerus.
  10. On di seventh day, wen King Ahasuerus don high well-well wit wine, he con send hin seven servants wey dey work for am—Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagtha, Zethar, plus Carcas—
  11. sey make dem go bring Queen Vashti come—and make she wear her royal crown, so dat she go show as she take fine reach—for all di pipo, and di princes; becos she fine well-well.
  12. But wen di servants tell di Queen wetin di King tok, Queen Vashti no gree come. Di king con dey vex well-well.
  13. So di king tok to di wise men wey sabi understand mata. Na di tradition of di king to always ask for advice from pipo wey sabi di law. So he call hin advisers.
  14. And di closest advisers to di king na: Carshena, Shethar, Admatha, Tarshish, Meres, Marsena, plus Memucan, di seven princes of Persia and Media wey dey always see di king—and wey be di top pipo for inside di kingdom.
  15. So he ask, “Based-on di law, wetin suppose happun to Queen Vashti, because she no gree obey di word of king Ahasuerus wey di servants tell her.”
  16. Naso Memucan ansa for front of di king and di princes, “Queen Vashti don do wrong tin against di king, and against all di princes and pipo of all di states of King Ahasuerus.
  17. All di women go gist about wetin di Queen do, so dem go start to use dia husband take play—dem go tok sey, ‘King Ahasuerus tok sey make dem bring Queen Vashti come meet am but she no gree go meet am.’
  18. Today-today, di wives of di princes plus rulers of Persia and Media go hear about wetin Queen Vashti do, and dem no go obey dia husbands again—see-finish and vex go con dey.
  19. “So if e dey okay wit di king, make di king make law, and make dem write am for di books of di law of Persia and Media, law wey no pesin fit change—sey Queen Vasti no go fit see di king again. And make di king give her position as queen—to anoda woman wey beta pass her.
  20. So wen dem sign di king law for all di whole Kingdom, all di women go respect dia husbands, from di smallest one to di biggest one of dem.”
  21. Di king and all hin princes con dey okay wit di advice, so di king do wetin Memucan tok.
  22. He send messengers to all di kingdom, to everi state wit dia own letter, and to everi pesin for dia own writings and language; sey make everi man be di Oga of hin own house, and make he speak di language of hin own pipo.


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