Esther Chapter 2

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Esther Turn To Queen

  1. Lata-lata, wen King Ahasuerus vex don calm down, he remember Vashti and wetin she don do, and di law wey dem don sign against her.
  2. Naso di king pesina assistant con tok sey, “Make we start to fyne one fine young virgins for di king.
  3. Make di king choose officers for everi state for hin kingdom, to bring all di fine-fine babes wey be virgin, to come di king palace for Shushan. And make Hegai di king servant wey dey in charge of women—take care of dem; and make dem take care of di girls to make dem fine well-well.
  4. So make di king pick anyone wey he like—wey go take over di position of Queen Vashti.” Di King con like di advice—and he follow di advice.
  5. o e get one Jew wey dey for di palace for Shushan. Hin name na Mordecai wey be di son of Jair, di son of Shimei, di son of Kish from Benjamin,
  6. wey Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon—carry from Jerusalem as slave, among di pipo wey dem carry as prisoner wit Jehoiachim wey be di king of Judah.
  7. Mordecai get one cousin wey dem dey call Hadassah, wey he don train becos she no get papa or mama. Dem dey call di girl Esther sef, she fine well-well—and Mordecai take her like hin own pikin wen her papa and her mama kpeme.
  8. Wen dem announce di king word and law, dem carry plenty girls go di palace wey dey for Shushan, where Hegai dey take care of dem. Dem carry Esther sef go di king palace con give her to Hegai—wey dey take care of di king women.
  9. Naso he con like di girl—sote he con dey favour her. He sharp-sharp take care of her wit everitin wey go make her fine, food, plus everitin wey she need. He tok sey make seven house-girls dey take care of her—house-girls wey dem select from di king palace. And he carry her wit her house-girls go di best place among di girls yard.
  10. Esther neva tell dem where she come from and about her family, becos Mordecai tok sey make she no tok.
  11. Everi day nahin Mordecai dey come front of di yard of di women, to see howfar wit Esther, and wetin go happun to her.
  12. Before any girl turn reach—wen she go meet King Ahasuerus, she must pass tru twelve months of beauty treatment wey dem choose for di women: six months wit ororo of myrrh, and anoda six months wit perfume and beta cream.
  13. Wen e don reach for di babes to go see di king, dem give her anytin wey she wan carry from di girls rooms—as she dey go meet di king.
  14. Dat evening, dem go carry her enta, and di next morning, dem carry her go di second women compound where di king side-chicks dey stay. Na for there Shaashgaz go dey take care of her. Shaashgaz na di king servant wey dey in charge of di king side-chicks. She no go fit go see di king unless di king like her well-well, con tok sey make dem call her wit her name.
  15. Wen Esther turn reach to go see di king; di girl wey Mordecai take as hin own daughter—di daughter of Abihail, she no ask for anytin apart from wetin Hegai di king servant wey dey in charge of di women—advice her. And everi pesin wey see Esther favour her.
  16. Dem carry her go meet king Ahasuerus for hin palace for di tenth month, di month of Tebeth, for di seventh year wey he dey reign as king.
  17. Now di king con like Esther pass any oda woman, and she receive favour plus grace—pass all di oda virgins. So di king put crown for her head, con make her di Queen to take Vashti position.
  18. So di king do big party becos of Esther, for all di princes and servants. Di king declear holiday for all di states, con share gift wit free mind from di king.

       Mordecai Save Di King Life

19. Wen dem gada di virgins di second time, Mordecai bin dey sidon for around di king gate.

20. But Esther keep her family background and where she come from—as secret, just as Mordecai bin tell her, so she kontinu to follow wetin Mordecai tok as she bin dey do wen she dey grow up.

21. Wen Mordecai dey sidon for di king gate, Bigthana plus Teresh wey be two of di king officers wey dey guard di doormot con dey vex for di king, and dem plan codedly to kill King Ahasuerus.

22. But Mordecai con know about di plan, and he tell Queen Esther. Naso Esther tell di king—and she tell di king sey na Mordecai tell her.

23. Naso dem torch-light di mata and wen dem see sey na true, dem hang di two officers. Dem write all dis tins for ‘Di Book of History of King Ahasuerus.’


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