Esther Chapter 3

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       Haman Plan To Kill Di Jews

  1. Afta all dis tins happun, King Ahasuerus honour Haman wey be di son of Hammedatha di Agagite, di king promote am con give am position wey high pass all di oda leaders.
  2. All di king officials wey dey for di king gate kneel down to respect Haman, becos di king tok sey make dem dey greet am like dat. But Mordecai no gree kneel down to respect am.
  3. Naso di king officers wey dey for di gate ask Mordecai sey, “Why you no gree obey wetin di king tok?”
  4. Everi day dem dey tell am, but he no gree listen to wetin dem tok. Naso dem con tell Haman about di mata to see if dem go allow Mordecai kontinu to dey behave like dat, becos he tell dem sey he be Jew.
  5. Wen Haman see sey Mordecai no gree kneel down to respect am, he con dey vex well-well.
  6. But as he hear about who Mordecai pipo be, he decide sey e no dey enuff to touch only Mordecai. Instead he con dey fyne way to kill all di Jews for di whole kingdom of Ahasuerus—Mordecai pipo.
  7. For di twelfth year wen Ahasuerus be king, for di first month, di month of Nisan, dem cast lot* for front of Haman (dem dey call di lot purim) to know di best day of di month to do wetin he wan do, until di lot choose di twelfth month, wey be di month of Adar.
  8. So Haman tell king Ahasuerus sey, “E get some pipo wey dey among awa pipo for all di areas of your kingdom—dia laws different from all di pipo, and dem no dey gree obey di king laws; e no good for di king to keep those kain pipo.
  9. If di king want, make we put law wey go kill dem, and I go give 375 ton of silver to di men wey dey in charge, and make dem put am for di bank of di palace.”
  10. Di king agree, he confam wetin he agree as he komot di ring from hin finger, con carry am give Haman, di son of Hammedatha di Agagite—wey get badbelle for di Jews.
  11. Di king con tell Haman sey, “Keep di moni, and do di pipo anytin wey you wan do dem.”
  12. On di 13th day of di first month, dem call all di palace writers. And dem write law just as Haman tell dem—to di king chief leaders, di govnors of all di states, plus di rulers of everi pipo for everi territory—for dia own writing, and to everi pipo wit dia language. Dem write am wit di king name, and king Ahasuerus hinsef seal am wit hin own ring.
  13. Messengers sharp-sharp send di letters go everi area for di kingdom—wey give di order sey make dem kill all di Jews, both women plus small-small pikin—dem must butcher dem, con wipe dem out in one single day. And dem arrange am to happun for di 13th day of Adar. Dem go give di properties of di Jews to any pesin wey kill dem.
  14. Dem go put one copy of dis law for everi territory, con read di law to all di pipo, so dat dem go ready to do wetin di law tok on dat day.
  15. As di king command, dem sharp-sharp send di letters about di new law, and dem declear di law for di palace of Shushan. Naso di king plus Haman sidon dey drink, but katakata con dey for di city of Shushan.


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