Esther Chapter 4

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Mordecai Beg Esther To Epp

  1. Wen Mordecai hear about everitin wey dem don do, he tear hin clothes, he con wear sackcloth plus ashes, he enta di city, he con dey cry out well-well.
  2. But he waka go reach di king gate, becos dem no dey allow any pesin wey wear sackcloth enta.
  3. Dem con dey cry well-well, wit fasting, sadness and shout among di Jews for everi area where dem confam di king law. Plenty of dem lie down wit sackcloth and ashes.
  4. Wen Esther maids plus her servants come tell her about Mordecai, she no happy at all. She send clothes to Mordecai make he wear instead of sackcloth, but he no gree collect dem.
  5. Naso Esther sey make dem call Hathach—wey be one of di king servants wey serve her. She tell am sey make he go meet Mordecai to know wetin dey disturb am, and why he dey cry.
  6. So Hathach go meet Mordecai for di street of di city wey dey near di king gate.
  7. Naso Mordecai tell am everitin wey don happun to am, plus di exact amount of moni Haman promise to pay di royal bank to kill di Jews.
  8. Mordecai give Hathach one copy of di law wey dem write for Shushan—wey tok sey make dem kill di Jews. He tell Hathach to show Esther, con explain everitin for her. He still tell Hathach to tell her to go meet di king to beg am to sorry-for her pipo.
  9. Hathach go back to tell Esther wetin Mordecai tell am.
  10. Naso she tell Hathach again—sey make he tell Mordecai sey,
  11. “All di king servants plus di pipo of di states know sey for any pesin to go see di king for hin room for inside di palace, wen di king no call di pesin—di pesin  go face one law; dem go kill di pesin. Di only tin wey fit save di pesin na except di king dey stretch hin gold walking-stick for di pesin—and di pesin life go save. But e don reach one month wey di king sey make dem call me.”
  12. Wen dem tell Mordecai wetin Esther tok,
  13. He sey make dem go tell Esther sey, “No tink sey becos you dey for di king house mean sey you dey safe pass di oda Jews.
  14. Becos if you dey silent for dis kain period, epp go come from anoda place for di Jews, and dem go saved, but you go die wit your papa family. But who know—maybe na becos of dis kain time nahin make Baba-God turn you to queen!”
  15. So Esther send message to Mordecai,
  16. “Go gada all di Jews togeda wey dey for Shushan, and make una fast for me. Make una no chop or drink for three days, for night or for day. Me and my maids sef go fast like una. Naso I go go meet di king, even though e dey against di law. And if I die—I die be dat.”
  17. So Mordecai komot, con go do everitin wey Esther tell am to do.


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