Esther Chapter 5

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Esther Ask Di King For Favour

  1. On di third day, Esther wear her queen clothes, she con stand for di yard wey dey inside di palace—for front of di king room. Di king dey sidon for hin king-chair for inside di palace—di king-chair dey for opposite di door.
  2. Wen he see Queen Esther dey stand inside di palace, he smile to her, and he stretch di gold walking-stick  wey dey for hin hand—for her. Naso she come, con touch di top of di staff.
  3. Di king con ask her, “Wetin dey happun Queen Esther? Wetin you wan ask me for? I go give you even if you ask me half of di kingdom.
  4. Esther con ansa am sey, “If e go make di king happy, make di King togeda wit Haman come party wey I don arrange today.”
  5. So di king tok sey, “Make una sharply go call Haman come, so dat he go do wetin Esther dey ask for.” So di king plus Haman go di evening party wey Esther don arrange.
  6. As dem dey drink wine, naso di king ask Esther, “Now wetin you want? I go give am to you. Wetin you want? Even up to half of my kingdom—I go give am to you.”
  7. Esther con ansa am sey, “Wetin I want and wetin I dey ask for nahin be dis:
  8. If di king look me wit favour and if e go make di king happy to ansa wetin I dey ask for, and to give me wetin I want, make di king and Haman come tomorrow to di party wey I go arrange for dem. Na den I go ansa di king question.”

Haman Para For Mordecai

9. Haman komot dat day dey happy wit high spirit. But wen he see Mordecai for di king gate, con observe sey he no stand up or show fear for hin front, he con dey vex well-well for Mordecai.

10. But Haman hold hinsef and he go house. He call hin padi, plus Zeresh, hin wife.

11. Haman con dey make-mouth to dem about di plenty moni wey he get, hin plenty sons, and all di tins wey di king don take promote am—and how di king take give am levels pass all di oda princes and servants.

12. Haman con tok sey, “Evensef, na me be di only pesin wey Queen Esther invite to follow di king go di party wey she arrange. And she don invite me along wit di king tomorrow.

13. But all dis tins no dey make belle sweet me, as long as I dey see dat Jew wey dem dey call Mordecai dey sidon for di king gate.”

14. Hin wife Zeresh and all hin padi con tell am sey, “Tok sey make dem build hanger for you wey go tall reach 75 feet. Tomorrow you fit tell di king sey make he hang Mordecia on am, den you go fit follow di king dey go di party wit happiness.”


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