Esther Chapter 7

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Dem Hang Haman

  1. So di king plus Haman go flex di party wit Esther,
  2. And as dem dey drink wine on dat second day, di king con ask again, “Queen Esther, wetin you want from di king? Di king go give am to you, wetin you dey ask for? I go give you even up to half of my kingdom.”
  3. Naso Esther con ansa, “If I don see favour wit you, oh king, and if e go make di king happy to give me wetin I wan ask for. I wan make you save my life, plus my pipo life.
  4. Becos dem don sell me and my pipo—so dat dem go kill us, con scata us, and to komot us kpatakpata. If to sey dem only sell us as slaves, I for just keep quiet, becos I no fit disturb di king for dat kain small mata.”
  5. King Ahasuerus con ask Queen Esther sey, “Who be dat and where di man dey—wey get-liver to do dat kain tin?”
  6. So Esther tok sey, “Di enemy and di badbelle pesin na dis wicked Haman.” Naso fear con dey catch Haman for front of di king and di Queen.
  7. Di king stand up wit vex from drinking di wine, he leave hin wine con go di palace garden. But Haman con notice sey di king don zero hin mind to punish am in a bad way, so he stay back to beg Queen Esther for hin life.
  8. As di king just come back from di palace garden to join dem back for di party, naso Haman fall on di bed where Esther dey lie down put. So di king tok sey, “Abi you wan use gragra for di queen for my korokoro eyes for my house?” As di king tok dis word, naso dem cover Haman face (to arrest am so dat dem go kill am).
  9. Naso Harbona one of di servants con tok sey, “Haman don set sharp hanger wey high reach 75 feet for hin own yard. He wan use am take hang Mordecai—di man wey bin save di king from killers.” Naso di king tok sey, “Make una hang Haman for there.”
  10. So dem hang Haman for di pole wey he set for Mordecai—naso di king con calm down.


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