Esther Chapter 8

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Di King Give Di Jews Pawa To Defend Demsef

  1. Di same day, king Ahasuerus give Queen Esther Haman properties—Haman wey be di enemy of di Jews. And Mordecai go meet di king, becos Esther con tell am sey dem be family.
  2. Di king komot hin ring—wey he bin collect back from Haman, con carry am give Mordecai. And Esther make Mordecai dey in charge of Haman property.
  3. Esther beg di king again, she kneel down for hin front con dey cry. She beg am sey make he end di evil plan of Haman wey be di Agagite—di plan wey he make against di Jews.
  4. Naso di king stretch di gold staff to Esther. So she stand up, con go hin front.
  5. She con tok sey, “If e go make di king happy, if he look me wit favour, if di king reason am sey na di right tin to do, and if di king dey happy wit me—make di king put law wey go change di letters of Haman wey be di son of Hammedatha, di Agagite—wey tok sey make dem kill all di Jews for di whole kingdom.
  6. How I go stand con see my pipo dey face wahala? How I go take stand con see as my family take end?”
  7. Naso King Ahasuerus ansa Esther and Mordecai di Jews sey, “See, Haman attack di Jews, I don give hin properties to Esther, and dem don hang am for pole, becos he try to kill di Jews.
  8. Now write anoda law wit di king name, for di Jews, to tell dem anytin wey you want, con seal am wit di king ring. But remember sey anytin wey you write wit di king name, con seal am wit di king ring—dat tin no fit change.”
  9. So on di third month, di month of Sivan, on di 23 day of di month, di king call hin writers, and dem write law, exactly wetin Mordecai tok. Dem send am to all di Jews plus di top officers, di govnors, di princes of di 127 territories, from India reach Africa. Dem write di law wit di words and languages of di pipo for di kingdom, even di Jews territory.
  10. Mordecai write wit di name of king Ahasuerus, con seal am wit di king ring. Mordecai send fast messengers wey ride fast horse—horses wey dem train for di king.
  11. Di king law give di Jews for everi city di pawa to come togeda and defend demsef. Di law allow dem to kill, butcher, and wipe out any pesin or pipo or territory wey wan attack dem or dia pikin plus dia wives, and to collect dia enemies properties.
  12. Di day wey dem choose for di Jews to do dis tin tru-out all di territories of king Ahasuerus—na on di thirteeneth day of di twelfth month—wey be di month of Adar.
  13. Dem go send one fotocopy of di letter as law for all di pipo for everi single state, so dat di Jews go ready for di day to revenge on dia enemies.
  14. So di messengers wey dey ride di king horses—con go out, dem move kiakia just as di king tell dem. Na for Shushan dem take announce di law.
  15. Mordecai komot from di king front, wit blue plus white royal cloth wey he wear, wit big crown of gold for hin head, and purple cloth wey dem make wit fine linen. Naso di city of Shushan con dey celebrate wit happiness.
  16. Na time of happiness and celebration for di Jews, joy plus honor.
  17. For everi area for everi city, any where wey di king law reach, joy plus happiness dey among di Jews, wit flexing plus celebration. And plenty pipo from oda tribes turn to Jews, becos dem con dey fear di Jews well-well.


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