Esther Chapter 9

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Di Jews Scata Dia Enemies

  1. On di thirteenth day of di twelfth month, di month of Adar, dem suppose do di law wey di king write. On dis day, di enemies of di Jews bin hope to over-pawa dem, but now levels don change, and di Jews con dey win those pipo wey hate dem.
  2. Di Jews gada for di cities for di area of king Ahasuerus, to attack di pipo wey wan scata dem. No pesin fit stand against dem becos di pipo of oda tribes dey fear dem.
  3. And all di leaders of di areas—govnors, chairmen, plus di king officers—con epp di Jews, becos dem dey fear Mordecai.
  4. Mordecai get levels well-well for di palace; hin levels spread tru-out all di areas, and he con get more-more pawa.
  5. Naso di Jews kill all dia enemies wit sword, dem kill dem and dem scata dem, and dem do those pipo wey hate dem—anytin wey dem like.
  6. For inside di palace for Shushan, di Jews kill five hundred men.
  7. Evensef dem kill—Pashandatha, Dalphon, Aspatha,
  8. Poratha,  Adalia, Aridatha,
  9. Parmashta, Arisai, Aridai plus Vaizatha—
  10. wey be di ten sons of Hammedatha—di enemy of di Jews. But dem no take any of dia properties.
  11. Di same day, dem tell di king di numbas of di pipo wey dem kill for di palace of Shushan.
  12. Di king con tell Queen Esther sey, “Di Jews don kill five hundred men, plus di ten sons of Haman, for di palace of Shushan. Which oda tin dem don do for di rest areas of di kingdom? Now wetin you dey ask for? Di king go give am to you. Wetin you want? I go give am to you sef.”
  13. Esther con ansa am sey, “If e go make di king happy, tomorrow make di Jews wey dey for Shushan do wetin di law allow dem do today. And make dem hang di body of Haman ten sons for di hanger.”
  14. So di king command make dem do like dat. Dem con set di law for Shushan, and dem hang ten of Haman sons.
  15. Di Jews for Shushan gada togeda on di fourteenth day of di month of Adar, and dem kill three hundred men for Shushan, but dem no collect dia properties.
  16. And di remaining Jews wey dey di king areas gada to protect demsef, con free demsef from dia enemies. Dem kill seventy-five thousand of dem, but dem no collect dia properties.
  17. Dis tin happun for di thirteenth day of di month of Adar, and dem rest on di fourteenth day—dem con turn am to day of celebration and happiness.

Di Festival of Purim

18. So di Jews wey dey for Shushan gada demsef togeda on di thirteenth and fourteenth day, and dem rest on di fifteenth day, naso dem turn am to day of celebration plus happiness.

19. Nahin make Jews wey dey live for di villages, for towns wey no get wall—dey observe di fourteenth day of di month of Adar—as holiday for happiness plus flexing. Na good day, and na day wen pipo dey send gifts to demsef.

20. Mordecai write all dis tins wey happun, and he send letters to all di Jews tru-out all di areas of king Ahasuerus, wey dey near and far.

21. So dat dem go celebrate di fourteenth and fifteenth day of di month of Adar everi year,

22. as di days wen di Jews free from dia enemies, di month wen dia sadness turn to happiness, and dia cry-cry turn to holiday for dem—to observe di days as days of celebration plus happiness, and to send beta food to each oda, and gifts to poor pipo.

23. So di Jews agree to kontinu di celebration wey dem don start—so dem do wetin Mordecai write to dem.

24. Becos Haman wey be di son of Hammedatha di Agagite, wey be di enemy of all di Jews, bin plan against di Jews to kill dem, and he don cast lot* (dem dey call di lot purim)—to finish di Jews and to cos wahala for dem.

25. But wen Esther meet di king, con tell am wetin dey sup— he write law sey make Haman evil plan go back to hin own head, and make dem hang him and hin sons.

26. (Nahin make dem call dis days Purim—from di word pur.) Becos of everitin wey dem write inside di letter, becos of wetin dem see for dis mata, and wetin happun to dem,

27. So di Jews agree, con make tradition for demsef, dia pikin-pikin-pikin, plus any pesin wey wan be Jews—sey for di correct time everi year, dem must always observe di two days based-on wetin Mordecai write.

28. Dem agree sey everi Jews family for future generation, for everi area and everi city suppose remember and observe di days of Purim forever.

29. So Queen Esther wey be di daughter of Abihail, along wit Mordecai di Jew, con write anoda letter wit di Queen stamp for di back of dis second letter, to start di Festival of Purim.

30. Naso Mordecai send letter to all di Jews for di 127 states of di kingdom of Ahasuerus—wit words of peace and truth—

31. Dis letter nahin confam di Festival of Purim—na celebration wey dem dey do everi year—just as Mordecai di Jew and Esther di queen stand am for dem, and just as di Jews pipo bin stand am for demsef and for dia pikin-pikin-pikin. Di letter tok about dia times of fasting and cry-cry to Baba-God.

32. Esther words confam di law about Purim, and dem write am down for di book of history.


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