Job Chapter 10

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Job Beg Baba-God

  1. My soul don taya for my life, make I complain as I like. I go tok as my soul dey bitter me.
  2. I go tell Baba-God sey, “No condemn me, show me why you dey fight wit me.
  3. Abi e make sense sey you dey oppress, sey you dey hate di work wey your hand don do, and you dey smile on di plan of wicked pipo?
  4. Abi your eyes na man eyes? Abi you dey see as man take dey see tins?
  5. Abi your days be like di days of man? Abi your years be like di days of man,
  6. wey you con dey fyne di bad-bad-tins wey I don do, and wey you dey look for my sin?
  7. You know sey I no be wicked pesin, and no pesin fit save me from your hand.
  8. Your hands nahin make me, con design everi part of my body, but you dey scata me.
  9. I dey beg you, remember sey you make me like clay—abi you go turn me back to dust again?
  10. Abi you no pour me like milk for my mama belle, con form me like cheese?
  11. Naso you form my bones and muscles togeda, con wear skin and flesh for my body.
  12. You don give me life plus favour, and your care nahin keep my spirit.
  13. Na dis tins you hide inside your heart: I know sey dis tin dey inside your mind;
  14. you dey mark me if I commit sin, you no go forgive my sins.
  15. Wahala for me if I be wicked pesin, and if I be pesin wey get clean-heart—I no go still raise my head up. Disgrace nahin full my life; look my suffer-head.
  16. My suffer-head dey burku more-more. You dey hunt me like lion wey dey ginger; and again you go show your ogbonge pawa against me.
  17. You dey bring new witness against me, and you dey vex for me more-more. Changes and war dey against me.
  18. So why you bring me come out from my mama belle? I wish sey I kpeme and no pesin see me!
  19. I for dey like sey I no bin dey, dem for carry me enta grave from my mama belle.
  20. Abi my life no short? Komot from me, leave me joor—so dat I fit rest small,
  21. before I go where I no go fit come back again—to di land of darkness, and di shadow of death;
  22. Land wey darkness dey, land wey be darkness esef; di land of di shadow of death, where katakata dey, and where di light na darkness.”


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