Job Chapter 11

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Zophar Change-am-for Job

  1. Zophar wey be di Naamathite con ansa sey,
  2. “Abi dem no suppose ansa your plenty tok? And becos man dey tok plenty tok con mean sey e dey correct?
  3. Abi your empty tok go make men shut up? Abi wen you dey tok anyhow, abi make no pesin correct you?
  4. See, you don tok sey, “My ways dey pure and I dey clean for Baba-God eyes.”
  5. But I wish sey Baba-God fit tok, and make he open hin lips against you,
  6. Make he show you di secrets of wisdom—wisdom na double of wetin dey [wisdom no be small mata]. Listen, Baba-God dey punish you small—pass di punishment wey you suppose get!
  7. Abi you fit understand Baba-God finish if you fyne am? You fit sabi everitin finish—about Baba-God Almigthy?
  8. E high like heaven; wetin you fit do? E deep pass hell; wetin you fit sabi?
  9. Di measurement long pass di earth, and e wide pass di big-river.
  10. If Baba-God come put pesin for prison, or drag pesin go court, who fit stop am?
  11. Becos he know fake-pipo, he dey see dia wickedness sef; abi he no dey reason am?
  12. Becos mumu men only fit get-sense, wen wild donkey fit born pikin wey be like human being.
  13. If you prepare your heart and you stretch your hand to am;
  14. If sin dey for your hand, carry am go far-far, and no let wickedness dey for your house.
  15. Na den you go fit raise your innocent face; yes, you go stand strong gidigbam wit no fear:
  16. Becos you go forget your sorrow, and dem go komot like water wey dey flow go.
  17. Your life go clear pass afta-noon, you go shine, and you go be like morning.
  18. You go dey secured becos hope dey. You go look round yousef wit protection, and you go rest wit safety.
  19. You go lie down and no pesin go make you fear, and plenty pipo go make deal wit you.
  20. But wicked pipo eyes go close, and dem no go fit escape—and dia hope go be like pesin wey dey kpeme.


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