Job Chapter 12

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          Job Ansa

  1. So Job ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “No be lie, na una sabi everitin abi? And wen una kpeme, wisdom go kpeme wit una!
  3. But I get understanding as una sef get, my level no low pass una own, yes, who no know all dis tins?
  4. All my padi dey use me laff, even though I dey call Baba-God and he dey ansa. Me wey get clean-heart and wey get clean-hand nahin dem dey laff.
  5. Pipo wey dey live in peace dey yab pipo wey dey for inside wahala; as di destiny of those wey dia legs wan fall dem.
  6. Di house of robbers dey prosper, and di pipo wey dey make Baba-God vex dey safe; and Baba-God dey put yanfu-yanfu for dia hand.
  7. But ask di wild animals now, and dem go teach you, and di birds of di sky, and dem go tell you.
  8. Or follow di earth tok, and e go teach you, and di fishes for water go tell una.
  9. Who no know all dis tins sey na Baba-God hand do am?
  10. For hin hand nahin di soul of everitin wey dey alive dey, and di breath of everi human being.
  11. Abi ear no dey test words as tongue take dey taste food?
  12. Na senior-pipo get wisdom, and understanding dey come wit long life.
  13. Nahin get wisdom and strength, nahin get beta advice plus understanding.
  14. See, he dey break tins down and dem no fit build am again. He dey lock man up [for prison], and di man no fit free again.
  15. See, he dey hold di water, and dem go dry kpatakpata. He dey send dem come out sef, and dem go cover di earth.
  16. Nahin get strength plus wisdom, nahin get both di pesin wey dey play wayo and di pesin wey dem dey play wayo for.
  17. He dey komot di wisdom of leaders, and he dey turn judges wey get sense to mumu pipo.
  18. He dey komot kings cloth, con carry dem komot wit rope round dia waists.
  19. He dey let enemies carry princes komot wit all dia properties, and he dey overthrow strong pipo.
  20. He dey close di mouth of advisers wey dem trust, and he dey komot di understanding of senior-men.
  21. He dey disgrace princes, and he dey komot di pawa of strong men.
  22. He dey show deep tins from inside darkness, and he dey bring di shadow of death come light.
  23. He dey make nations great, and he dey scata dem: he dey make di nations grow, and he dey carry dem komot as prisoners of war.
  24. He dey komot di sense plus understanding from leader of di pipo of di earth, and he dey make dem waka inside desert—where road no dey.
  25. Dem dey waka for darkness like blind pipo wit no light, and he make dem stagger like man wey don high.


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