Job Chapter 13

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Job Defend Hinsef

  1. See, my eyes don see all dis tins, my ears don hear, con understand am.
  2. Wetin you know nahin mesef know, my levels no low pass you.
  3. Surely I go follow di Almighty tok, and I wish to reason wit Baba-God.
  4. But una dey form lies, una be healer wey no get value.
  5. I wish sey all of una fit just keep quiet! Na di wise tin wey una fit do.
  6. Hear my reasoning now and listen to di beg wey my lips dey beg.
  7. Abi una go tok in a wicked way for Baba-God, con yarn in a wayo way for am?
  8. Abi you dey try to defend Baba-God? Abi you go fight for Baba-God?
  9. If Baba-God torch-light you, he go see any beta tin? Abi you tink sey you fit whyne Baba-God as una take dey whyne odas?
  10. True-true, he go change-am-for you, if you codedly do partiality.
  11. Abi hin levels as king no go make your mind-cut? Abi hin fear no go fall on you?
  12. Una proverbs useless like ashes, and una argument soft like clay.
  13. Make una chill, make una leave me, so dat I go fit tok, and make anytin wey wan happun—happun.
  14. Why I dey put mysef for risk, con dey put my life for my hands?
  15. Even though he nack me, but I go still trust am: but I go maintain my own ways for hin front.
  16. Na hinsef go save me: becos fake-pesin no fit stay for hin front.
  17. Calm down, hear my word and wetin I dey yarn wit your ears.
  18. See, now wey I don arrange my case, I know sey Baba-God go confam me as innocent.
  19. Abi any pesin fit tok sey I dey guilty? If na so, I go dey silent and I go die.
  20. Only do dis two tins for me, so dat I no go dey hide from you:
  21. Carry your hand far from me, and no let di fear wey I get for you—make my heart dey cut.
  22. Den wen you call, I go ansa: or make I tok, and make you ansa me.
  23. How many be my bad-bad ways plus my sins? Make me know di bad-bad ways plus my sin.
  24. Why you dey hide your face, con dey reason me like enemy?
  25. Abi you go break leaf wey dey move upandan? Abi you go dey pursue dry grass?
  26. You dey write bitter tins against me for book, even di bad-bad-tins wey I do wen I be youth.
  27. You don tie my legs wit chains, you dey watch my ways well-well, and you dey calculate my steps.
  28. Naso man dey waste go like sometin wey don rotten, like cloth wey moth [insect] don chop.


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