Job Chapter 14

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Job Tok About Di Wahala of Life

  1. Man wey woman born go only live for short-time, and hin days burku wit palava.
  2. He dey come out like flower, and dem go cut am down: he go disappear like shadow, and he no go dey again.
  3. Abi you dey put your eyes on dat kain pesin, con dey judge me for your front?
  4. Who fit bring sometin wey clean from wetin no clean? No pesin.
  5. Hin days get numba, di numba of hin months dey wit you, and hin life no fit cross where you don mark for am.
  6. Turn komot from am so dat he go fit rest, until he don use all hin time like worker.
  7. Becos tree get hope sey if dem cut am down—e go grow again, and sey di small branch no go stop to dey grow.
  8. Even though di root dey old for inside di earth, and di plant go die for inside ground,
  9. but di scent of water go make am grow, and e go bring branch come out like plant.
  10. But man dey die and he go just turn to waste. Yes man go kpeme, and where he dey?
  11. As water take dey dry from big-river, and as stream take dey dry con turn to dry land,
  12. naso man  dey lie down, and he no go rise again, till heavens go pass komot, and di man no go wake up again, or raise from hin sleep.
  13. I wish sey you fit hide me for inside grave, sey you fit keep me for secret until you vex finish, and you go choose time for me, con remember me!
  14. If man kpeme, abi he go live again? Den all di days of my hard life nahin I go wait, I go wait until my change go come.
  15. You go call, and I go ansa you; you go like me wey your hand don make.
  16. For now, you don count my steps; abi you no dey look my sin?
  17. Di bad-bad-tins wey I dey do—dey for inside bag wey close, and you dey cover all di wrong tins wey I don do.
  18. “Surely, as mountains take dey fall yakata to pieces, and as rock take dey move from e place,
  19. as water take dey chop stones; you don wash komot all di tins wey grow from di dust of di earth; naso you take dey scata di hope of man.
  20. You dey over-pawa man forever, and he dey pass komot; dia face go change wen dem die, and you go send dem komot.
  21. He no go know if hin sons grow up to be beta pipo, or if dem be gbanjo pipo.
  22. But he go feel pain for hin flesh, and hin soul inside am go cry.”


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