Job Chapter 15

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Eliphaz Second Ansa To Job

  1. Eliphaz di Temanite con  ansa sey,
  2. “Abi wise man go dey tok anyhow? Con full hin belle wit di breeze from di east?
  3. Abi he go dey reason wit yarnings wey no make sense? Or wit tok wey no dey bring beta tin come?
  4. You dey make di fear of Baba-God be—like notin, and you dey make praying to Baba-God—be like notin.
  5. Your mouth dey tok about your sin, and you don choose wayo man tongue.
  6. You dey condemn yoursef wit your own mouth, and no be me. Yes, na your own lips dey tok bad about yoursef.
  7. Abi na you be di first man wey dem born? Abi Baba-God make you before he make di hills?
  8. Abi you don hear Baba-God secret? Abi na only you be wise pesin?
  9. Abi wetin you know wey we sef no know? Which understanding you get—wey no dey inside us?
  10. Old men wey get white hair dey for awa side, men wey old pass your papa!
  11. “Abi if Baba-God cool you down e no dey okay for you? Abi di words too soft for you?
  12. Wetin carry your mind komot? And why you dey eye us?
  13. wey you con dey turn your spirit from Baba-God, and allow all dis kain tok dey komot from your mouth?
  14. Wetin be man wey he go dey clean? Pesin wey woman born—how he go con get clean-heart?
  15. See, he no put hin trust on hin holy-pipo. Yes—di heavens no clean for hin eyes.
  16. Tokless of man wey be tufiakwa, wey no clean—and wey dey drink bad-bad-tins like water.
  17. I go show you, hear me; and I go gist you wetin I don see wit my eyes;
  18. tins wey wise men tok, tins wey dem hear from dia ancestors and wey dem no hide,
  19. from those pipo wey di land belong to tey-tey before any foreigner show-face to turn dem komot from Baba-God.
  20. Na pain dey finish wicked man tru-out hin life, and tru-out hin life wey no sure.
  21. Bad sound dey ring for hin ears: wen he dey prosper nahin scata-scata go meet am.
  22. He no get any hope to escape from darkness, and na sword dey wait to kill am.
  23. He dey travel go abroad becos of food—sey, “Where e dey?” he know sey di day of darkness already near am.
  24. Worry-worry plus wahala go make am fear, dem go press am down like king wey dey ready to attack.
  25. Becos he dey stretch hin hand against Baba-God, and he dey give hinsef pawa against di Almighty.
  26. He dey carry strong shield, and he dey use stubbornness take attack Baba-God.
  27. Becos he dey cover hin face wit hin fat, and hin waists don turn to ororbor.
  28. But hin cities go scata, and he go live inside empty houses, wey go soon scata.
  29. Hin moni no go last, and hin properties no go dey again. Hin properties no go spread for di earth.
  30. He no go fit escape from darkness; hot faya go burn hin branches, and Baba-God breath go scata dem.
  31. Make dem no whyne demsef again by trusting useless evil tin, becos na useless evil tins go be he reward.
  32. He go die before hin time, and hin branches no go ever green again.
  33. He go be like tree wey dem pluck di fruit wey neva ripe, like olive tree wey e flowers dey komot.
  34. Becos di pipo wey dey live fake life go scata, and faya go burn di house of bribe.
  35. Dem dey plan evil, con bring out useless evil tins, and dia belle dey arrange mago-mago.


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