Job Chapter 16

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Job Complain Again

  1. So Job ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “I don hear plenty of dis kain tins before: all of una wey dey cool me down don fraustrate.
  3. Abi una mumu tok no dey finish? Or wetin dey ginger una wey una dey ansa me like dis wit full-mind?
  4. Me sef fit tok like una: if to sey una souls nahin dey for where my soul dey, I fit carry plenty words against una, con shake my head for una.
  5. But if na me, I go ginger una wit my mouth, and di movement of my lips go make una calm down from sadness.
  6. Notin wey I go tok wey go epp, and if I dey silent—e no go heal my pain.
  7. But now he don make me taya: you don scata my family.
  8.  You don make all my skin dey squeeze and nahin be di witness against me; becos I don thin finish, pipo con dey take am as evidence of my sin.
  9. Baba-God hate me and he dey tear me wit hin vex. He dey bite hin teeth wit vex against me; and he dey shuuk me wit hin eyes.
  10. Pipo dey laff me and dey yab me. Dem dey slap my face wit disgrace. Plenty pipo dey gada togeda to attack me.
  11. Baba-God don put me for evil pipo hands, and he don put me for wicked pipo hands.
  12. I bin dey live in peace but he don break me to pieces, he don carry my neck, con shake me to pieces. Naso he con target me.
  13. Hin snipers wit arrow don gada round me. Hin arrow dey shuuk me wit no mercy. Di ground dey wet wit my blood.
  14. He dey always nack me wit wound upon wounds, and he dey attack me like warrior.
  15. I don sew sachcloth for my skin, and I don rub my horn for dust.
  16. My face don dull, becos of cry-cry, and di shadow of death dey on top of di hair of my eyes;
  17. even though I neva do any wrong tin and my prayer dey pure sef.
  18. Oh earth, no hide di wrongs tins wey I don experience, no let my cry for justice dey silent.
  19. Even now my witness dey for heaven, and my evidence dey for up-up.
  20. My padi dey yab me, but my eyes dey cry to Baba-God.
  21. I need pesin to epp me settle my case wit Baba-God, as pesin take dey beg for hin padi.
  22. Afta some years don come, I go komot, and I no go come back again.


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