Job Chapter 17

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Job Kontinu To Defend Hin Pure-heart

  1. My spirit don break, my days don dey finish kpatakpata, grave don ready for me.
  2. Abi pipo wey dey yab me no dey wit me? Abi my eyes no still dey look as dem dey make me vex?
  3. “Oh Baba-God, you must defend me becos I get clean-heart, since na only you fit stand for me.
  4. Becos you don hide dia heart from understanding, so you must let dem know sey dem dey wrong.
  5. Pesin wey betray hin padi [becos of wetin he go gain]—make even di eyes of hin pikin close.
  6. “Baba-God don make di pipo dey laff me, and dem dey spit for my face.
  7. My eyes sef don dey close becos of sadness, and everi part of my body be like shadow.
  8. Men wey get clean-heart go shock for dis mata, and innocent men go ginger demsef against fake-pipo.
  9. Pesin wey get clean-heart go hold hin way kamkpe, and pesin wey get clean-hands go strong more-more.
  10. But as for all of una, make una come back come try again, becos I no see any wise man among una.
  11. My days don pass, my plans don break komot—even di tins wey I wish for my heart.
  12. E con be like sey night na day for me; di light dey short becos of darkness.
  13. My only hope na di world of di dead, where I go lie down, con sleep inside darkness.
  14. I don tell grave sey—‘Na you be my papa,’ con tell worm sey, ‘Na you be my mama plus my sista.’
  15. And where my hope dey now? As for my hope, who fit see am?
  16. My hope go follow me go down to grave, and we go rest togeda for dust.”


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