Job Chapter 18

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Bildad: Baba-God Dey Punish Wicked Pipo

  1. So Bildad di Shuhite con ansa sey,
  2. “How long before you go stop to tok all dis tins? Try to understand, so dat we go fit tok.
  3. Why you dey look us like animals, and you reason us as mumu for your eyes?
  4. You wey dey tear yoursef to pieces as you dey vex. Abi dem go komot from di earth becos of you? Abi di rock go move komot from e place?
  5. Yes, wicked pipo light go off, and di flash of hin faya no go shine again.
  6. Di light go turn to darkness for hin house, and di lamp wey dey near am go off.
  7. Di steps of hin pawa go cut, and hin own plan go fall hin hand.
  8. Hin own leg go throway am put for net, and he dey waka enta trap.
  9. Trap go hook am for back of hin leg, and trap go catch am.
  10. Dem don dig trap for am for ground, and dem don set trap for hin way.
  11. Gbege go make wicked pipo mind-cut for everi corner, and gbege dey follow everi step wey he waka.
  12. Hunger to make am no-strong, and scata-scata go dey wait near am.
  13. Disease dey catch am for body: even di first born of death [bad disease] go chop hin hands and legs.
  14. Dem go komot am from di security of hin house, and dem go carry am come meet di king of gbege [death].
  15. Notin wey belong to am remain for inside hin house; brimstone [sulfur wey dey burn] nahin full hin house.
  16. Hin root go dry kpatakpata for under, and hin branch for up go cut komot.
  17. Dem no go remember am again for di earth, and he no go get name for street.
  18. Dem go pursue am from light to darkness, and dem go purse am komot from di world.
  19. He no go get son or nephew among hin pipo, or anytin wey remain for hin house.
  20. E shock di pipo wey dey for west becos of wetin happun to am; pipo for di east dey shake.
  21. Surely, naso di house of wicked pipo go be, and na dis be di destiny of pipo wey no know Baba-God.


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