Job Chapter 19

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Job Dey Confident

  1. Naso Job ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “How long you go dey make my soul vex, con break me to pieces wit una words?
  3. Dis ten times nahin una don yab me: but shame no still catch una sey una dey do wrong tin to me?
  4. And if na true sey I don waka miss-road, my error na my own business.
  5. If true-true sey una go carry una levels against me, con dey use my condition against me;
  6. Den make una know sey Baba-God don do me bad tin, con use hin net take round me.
  7. “Naso I cry about wrong tins dey happun to me, but no pesin ansa me. I cry loud but justice no dey.
  8. He don fence my road sote I no fit pass, and he don put darkness for my way.
  9. He don carry my levels komot from my head, con komot di crown from my head.
  10. He don scata me from everi corner, and I don finish kpatakpata, and he don komot my hope like tree.
  11. Baba-God don start to dey vex for me sef like faya, and he dey count me as one of hin ememies.
  12. Hin sojas dey gada togeda, con dey build dia road against me, and dem camp round my house.
  13. He don carry my brodas far from me, and I be like stranger to pipo wey sabi me.
  14. My padi and my family pipo don fashi me.
  15. Pipo wey dey stay for my house, and my house-girls dey count me as strangers: I be like jjc [stranger] for dia eyes.
  16. I call my servant, and he no ansa me, even wen I beg am wit my mouth.
  17. My wife hate my breath, and even my family-pipo no fit come near me. 
  18. Small-small pikin hate me, I stand up, and dem dey tok against me.
  19. All my close padi hate me, and all di pipo wey I love don change-am-for me.
  20. My bones don gum-join my skin, and to my body, and I nearly die.
  21. Sorry-for me, sorry-for me, chai my padi, becos Baba-God hand don touch me.
  22. Why una dey show-me-pepper like Baba-God? Abi una neva chop me finish?
  23. I wish sey dem write my words down! I wish sey dem fit print my words for book.
  24. I wish sey dem fit write am wit iron biro, con carve am put for rock forever.
  25. But I know sey my savior dey alive, and las-las he go stand for di earth.
  26. And even though afta worms don chop my flesh, but from inside my body—I go see Baba-God,
  27. Wey I go see for mysef, my eyes go look am, and no be anoda pesin. E dey burst my brain wen I reason am.
  28. “How un go kontinu to show me pepper, con tok sey, ‘Na hin own fault’?
  29. Unasef suppose fear punishment of sword; becos vex dey bring punishment of sword, so dat una go sabi sey judement dey.”


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