Job Chapter 2

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Job Face Test Again

  1.  Again, e get one day wen Baba-God sons come show-face for Baba-God front, and Satan sef show-face among dem to see Baba-God.
  2. Naso Baba-God ask Satan sey, “Where you dey come from?” So Satan ansa am sey, “From moving upandan for di earth, and from my waka-waka.”
  3. Baba-God con tell Satan sey, “You don reason my servant Job, sey no pesin fit be like am for di earth. Na perfect man wey get clean-heart. Na man wey dey fear Baba-God, and wey no like evil? And he still dey hold hin clean-heart, even though you make me dey against am, to scata am for no reason.”
  4. So Satan ansa Baba-God sey, “Skin for skin, yes, man go give up everitin wey he get to save hin life.
  5. But use you hand touch hin bone and hin body, and he go curse you for your face.”
  6. Naso Baba-God tell Satan sey, “See, Job dey for your hand, but no touch hin life.”
  7. So Satan komot from Baba-God front, con go wound Job wit boils for all hin body—from head to hin leg.
  8. Job scratch hin skin wit clay pot wey don break as he sidon for ashes.
  9. Hin wife con tell am sey, “Abi you still dey keep your clean-heart? Just curse Baba-God make you die.”
  10. But Job tell her sey, “You dey tok like one of those mumu women. Abi na only beta tin wey go accept from Baba-God hand, and no bad tin?” So for inside all dis tins, Job no tok any wrong tin wit hin lips.

Job Three Padi

12. Now wen Job three padi hear all di evil tins wey happun to am, all of dem come meet Job from dia own place; Eliphaz di Temanite, plus Bildad di Shuhite, and Zophar di Naamathite; dem don arrange togeda to come cool Job down, and to come greet am.

13. Wen dem look from far, and dem no even know sey na Job be dat becos he don change, naso dem raise dia voice, con dey cry, dem tear dia clothes, con dey throw dust for dia heads and dem face heaven.

14. So dem sidon wit am for ground—for seven days and seven nights, and dem no follow am tok any word; becos dem see sey hin pains burku.


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