Job Chapter 21

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Zophar Preaching About Wicked Man

  1. Zophar di Namathite ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “So my reasoning nahin make me ansa you, becos di tin dey disturb me for heart.
  3. I don hears as you dey throway insult, and my understanding dey ginger me to ansa you.
  4. Abi you no know dis tin from olden days, since wen Baba-God put man for di earth,
  5. wicked man victory no dey last, and di happiness of evil pipo no dey last at all?
  6. Even though hin levels long reach heaven, and hin head dey touch di clouds;
  7. But he go kpeme forever like hin own shit [wey dem throway]; pipo wey bin see am before go tok sey, “Where he con dey?”
  8. He go fly komot like dream, and dem no go see am again. Yes, he go run komot like vision for night. 
  9. Di eyes wey bin see am no go see am again; and he no go fit live for hin house again.
  10. Hin pikin go favour poor pipo, and hin hands go give back to poor pipo.
  11. Hin bones brekete wit di pawa of hin youth, but e go follow am enta grave.
  12. Even though wickedness bin sweet for hin mouth, even though he bin hide am under hin tongue;
  13. Evil sweet for dia mouth well-well sote dem keep some for hin mouth to enjoy di taste.
  14. But naso di food for hin belle con dey worry am, e con be like snake poison for hin belle.
  15. He bin swallow riches, and he go vomit dem back; Baba-God go push am komot from hin belle.
  16. He go suck di poison of cobra, viper nahin go kill am.
  17. He no go see di rivers, di plenty-water, and di river wey dey flow wit honey plus butter.
  18. He go return wetin he work for, and he no go fit swallow am; he go return dem based-on wetin he gon gada, and he no go happy about am.
  19. Becos he don oppress and fashi poor pipo, becos he don use gragra take collect house wey he no build;
  20. Becos hin heart go dey worry am (becos of longatrot), he no go fit save di tins wey hin eyes dey shuuk for.
  21. He no fit chop-remain; so hin moni no go last.
  22. Wen he don dey prosper yanfu-yanfu nahin wahala go jam, and sorrow go fall am.
  23. Wen he wan just wan chop bellefull—nahin Baba-God go vex for am like faya, and Baba-God go send hin vex like rain to am as he dey chop.
  24. He go try to run from iron weapon, but bronze arrow go shuuk am.
  25. Dem go komot di arrow from hin back, and di arrow head go dey shine wit blood. Gbege dey for hin head.
  26. Na inside darkness all hin beta-beta-tins go dey. Faya wey no be man light—nahin go burn am, and e go burn any pesin wey remain for hin house.
  27. Di heaven go show hin sin, and di earth go dey against am.
  28. Di yanfu-yanfu wey he get for hin house go komot, and hin beta-beta-tins go flow komot for di day wen Baba-God dey vex.
  29. Na dis be di portion wey Baba-God don give wicked man, and hin destiny wey Baba-God don sign for am.


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