Job Chapter 22

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    Eliphaz Put Mata For Job Head

  1. Naso Eliphaz di Temanite ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “Abi man fit make sense for Baba-God eyes—as pesin wey wise make sense to hinsef?
  3. Abi Baba-God dey gain any happiness if you get clean-heart? Abi na gain to am sey you dey make your way dey perfect?
  4.  Abi becos you dey fear am nahin make am dey correct you, or judge you?
  5. Lai-lai, na becos your wickedness burku, and dem no fit count your sins.
  6. For example, you don borrow your broda moni, and you collect hin cloth until he pay you back, yes, you collect man cloth to make am naked.
  7. You no gree give water to pesin wey don taya and wey need water, and you no gree give food to pipo wey dey hungry.
  8. But na man wey get pawa dey claim di land, and di man wey get levels nahin dey live for di land.
  9. You don pursue widows komot wit notin, and you don break di hand of di pipo wey no get papa.
  10. So na trap dey round you, and di fear from no where go just grip you;
  11. or darkness wey you no fit see; and plenty water don cover you.
  12. Abi Baba-God no dey up-up for heaven? And see di height of di stars, see as dem high reach!
  13. And you dey tok sey, ‘How Baba-God take know, abi he fit judge tru di clouds wey dark?
  14. Thick clouds dey cover am—sote he no fit see, and he dey waka only round heaven.’
  15. You go kontinu for di old ways, where evil pipo waka,
  16. pipo wey die before dia time, and na plenty-water sweep dia foundation komot?
  17. Wey tell Baba-God sey, ‘Komot from my side; and wetin di Almighty fit do to us or for us?’
  18. But he still full all dia house wit beta-beta-tins; but di tinking of wicked pipo dey far from me.
  19. Good pipo dey happy to see as wicked pipo take scata, and innocent pipo go laff dia shame.
  20. Dem go tok sey, ‘See as awa enemies don scata. Na faya burn di remaining tins wey dem gada.’

Surrender To Baba-God Wey Get Pawa Pass

21. “You beta give yoursef to Baba-God, so dat you go get peace, so dat beta tin go come meet you.

22. Abeg receive di laws from hin mouth, and put hin word inside your heart.

23. If you come back to Baba-God Almighty, he go build you up; so you go komot all di bad-bad-tins far from your house,

24. con throway your gold like dust, con throway di beta gold of Ophir—among di stones for river.

25. Naso, Baba-God Almighty go be your gold, and your plenty beta silver.

26. Na den your belle go dey sweet you for Baba-God Almighty, and you go carry your face to Baba-God.

27. You go pray to am, and he go hear you, and you go pay am wetin you promise am [vow].

28. You go tok sometin sef, and e go happun for you; and di light go shine for your ways.

29. Wen men dey low level, nahin you go tok sey, ‘Raise dem up!” And Baba-God go save humble pesin.

30. He go save even pipo wey no dey innocent, yes, Baba-God go save dem becos of your clean-hand.”


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